Modern Marketing That Drives People to Buy

Implement proven and effective marketing strategies so you can attract more (and better) clients and close more deals without feeling “salesy.”

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profit acceleration plan

Get started. Let’s create a Profit Acceleration Plan that makes common sense before you spend a dime on marketing tactics.

Tactics without strategy will always fail. The reason why most marketing efforts fall flat is because they are a random combination of tactics. Before you spend a dime on a new website or hire a social media guru, let’s create a common sense plan that matches your marketing to the way that people buy.

Our promise: using our proprietary process, we can uncover a minimum of $100,000 and up to $1 million in hidden annual revenue opportunity for any business. Guaranteed.

Profit Acceleration Plan Benefits:
  • In your Profit Acceleration Plan, we will uncover a minimum of $100,000 and up to $1 million in hidden annual revenue opportunity for your business
  • Identify which marketing strategies make common sense for your business and create a timeline for implementation
  • Map out your entire sales process so you know exactly what to do and when to do it to close more business

Marketing Coaching & Consulting

Work with Jen one on one for clarity, confidence, direction, and accountability.

Marketing coaching or consulting is the solution if you need lasting change. You’re gaining some traction with your marketing, but you know that results could be better. You need clarity on how to navigate the new technology and platforms and want to make better decisions about where to put your time, money and energy.

Marketing Coaching Benefits:
  • Get clear on your profit boosting next steps
  • Stay in your zone of genius by creating effective systems
  • Be held accountable by a coach that cares about your success
  • Make better decisions that save you time and money

Marketing Services

Ready to up-level your marketing? Before you hire an overly priced ad agency, let’s talk. We can get you better results.

Attraction Marketing is all about creating relevant, interesting, educational, and even entertaining information that your clients are searching for to help them make better decisions. We will work with you to create the right content on the right platforms so you are seen as a “welcome guest” in your prospects world instead of an “unwelcome pest.”

Led by Jen, our team of writers, publishers, web developers, graphic designers, and video editors will make you look like a rockstar in your niche.

Marketing Services Benefits:
  • Don’t just survive, but thrive in business
  • Monetize your marketing with measurable results
  • Match your marketing to the way that people buy
  • Be positioned as the go-to expert in your niche
A few services we offer include:
  • Sales funnel strategy and design
  • Magazine funnel publishing
  • Video marketing
  • Email and newsletter marketing

Virtual Mastermind

We get it. Entrepreneurship can be lonely. We’ve got your back. Our mastermind members from around the world are just like you: driven by purpose and seeking freedom.

Making that first or next $100k can feel like a daunting task without the right support. Our virtual mastermind is held every other Monday at 9AM MST. Members enjoy access to Jen in an affordable group setting, support from the brilliant minds in the group, a step-by-step e-learning system to follow with weekly exercises, and confidence knowing they are building a solid foundation. Visit as a guest one time for free to see if we’re a great match. Application required.

Virtual Mastermind Benefits:
  • Get access to a top tier marketing coach at an affordable monthly rate
  • Join a community of purpose driven entrepreneurs
  • See step-by-step how to create a lifestyle business for more freedom
  • Map out your entire sales & marketing process so you know exactly what to do and when to do it