Top 13 Takeaways from Social Media Marketing World 2023

social media marketing world 2023 recap by jen devore richter

I rode up the escalator at the San Diego Convention Center full of anticipation as I arrived at my first-ever Social Media Marketing World conference. As I got closer to the top of the escalator, I could see a smiling face waving to greet me and a very tall branded backdrop with beach-themed props and signs welcoming me. Of course, I had to stop to take a photo to capture the moment before walking in for 3-days of learning new ideas and meeting new people. 

As I approached the conference center, one of the first people I ran into was a familiar face. Immediately, I felt at ease and knew I was in the right place. Instead of walking you through each and every session I attended over three days (I know your time is valuable), I’ll just quickly recap my Top 13 Takeaways from Social Media Marketing World 2023.

13. “On social media, it’s important to know not just what your ideal audience/prospect/client thinks and feels, but also what they do, say, see, say, and hear.” – John Jantsch

12. “Demonstration is better than explanation.” – Ray Edwards

11. “Authenticity always has an audience.” – Ray Edwards

10. “Optimize content for people, not robots.” – Tim Schmoyer

9. will work best if you know the reason why you are using it and write clear prompts. – Tim Schmoyer (paraphrased)

8. ClickFunnels 2CC Award Winner Allie Boyd shared that your video hooks need to be between 0 and 5 seconds at the most.

7. Quick tip on video editing from Allie Boyd: speed up your video sales letters by 10-15%.

6. ClickFunnels 2CC Award Winner Marley Jaxx recommends keeping a story inventory you can pull from on a variety of topics.

5. Marley’s video framework is: 1. Epiphany 2. Lesson 3. Story 4. Application

4. Use Descript to clip short videos out of long videos.

3. Don’t feel like making videos? Kat Norton recommends doing a mood boost before recording. She jumps on her couch and listens to fun music for a few minutes before pushing record.

2. Drea Knows Best says great social media content is entertaining, educational, and emotionally provoking.

1. Executive Producer of The Chosen and YouTube genius Derral Eves says great sharable videos start with WHY. Why should people watch? What is the value to them? The goal is to create a feedback loop where people will want to share your videos.

BONUS TIP: CEO of Social Media Examiner Michael Stelzner made it very clear that Artificial Intelligence is the next revolution in social media marketing. Embrace the technology, but don’t worry about software putting you out of a job. The example he shared was that Photoshop did not put an end to the professional photography industry; it just changed it. Now, most photographers use Photoshop.

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social media marketing world recap 2023