“Poised and articulate, Jen brings glamor to branding. Whether she is diving into an improvised skit or speaking in front of a crowd, Jen’s energy, passion, style, and charisma sends home a message. Consummate professional, easy to work with.”

-Barbara Colaciello, Founder of Improv Effects & Former Assistant to Andy Warhol

“Thank you so much for speaking to our chapter today! Your presentation got me really looking at my business, strategies, and the type of marketing I do.”

– Angie P., Polka Dot Powerhouse

“As the leader of a women’s group and organizer of a monthly event, I want to ensure that my community is served at the highest level. Working with Jen has opened my eyes to a way where I can serve my community AND increase my income. I don’t have to sacrifice one for the other. I highly recommend her to other women leaders who need to generate results for your tribe, your own business, and your family.

– Karen Barnes Rivera

“Jen is the real deal. She is not like the others and what she says is NOT BS! She actually delivers on her promise.

I’ve trusted many so-called marketing experts and only felt ripped off after giving them thousands of dollars with no result. My time with her was the best 2 days I have spent on my business!

After working with Jen, I am clear, focused, and the roadblocks have been torn down. I can’t wait to become her next shining star long-term client. She is truly worth the investment!

– Zelda Greenberg, Realtor -Broker

“…value in an age of what seems like astronomical marketing expenses, Jen and her team really strike a balance between cost and valuable output.” 

–Matt Kane, Owner, Greenshades Software

“We had the privilege of having Jen speak at our event. Not only was she captivating, but she provided real value to the group. Her energy lifted the room and left everyone feeling empowered and ready to elevate their business.”

-Kellee Wip

“Your systems are gold! A big head game for sure when we don’t feel like doing them. Big picture urgency thinking is a daily requirement. Thanks. I need this reminder AGAIN!”

– Gretchen Maurer, Beauty Industry Expert

“Jen is a ROCKSTAR! She spoke as a panelist for the 2016 Jacksonville Women’s Leadership Forum on being a resilient leader and navigating social media while creating your personal brand. The attendees loved her perspective and the stories she shared. My favorite thing about Jen is her infectious personality and energy which comes across whenever you are in her presence.”

– Shelby Westerman, Florida Blue

“We just finished up a Claim My Stage presentation and it was fantastic. It was just what our membership needed right now. Jen taught us to step up and be your true authentic self. So often women have limiting beliefs and don’t put themselves out there for who they’re trying to be and what they’re striving for. She enlightened us on how to find what your vision and make it a bold vision. I think it’s a great fit for our membership.”

– Brynn Johnson, President of the Junior League of St. Petersburg

We represent the ladies of The Ritz-Carlton Amelia Island and we just had Jen as a guest speaker for International Women’s Day.

She was so inspiring and I’m sure she will help all our ladies achieve greatness because Boss Women Rock!”

– Kate Eames – The Ritz-Carlton

“Jen is a master when it comes to marketing and monetizing your business.

She has an amazing talent for culling her wealth of knowledge down to simple actionable steps that make money.”

-Jennifer Hanscom

“Jen has given us the guidance to position Steve Watrel and our firm as the go-to expert for Elder Abuse Cases. Our number of elder abuse cases has increased dramatically over the last year and half. Being known as The Nursing Home Abuse Legal Expert™ has also generated numerous referrals from other attorneys who do not specialize in this area or do not have the depth of experience that our firm has.” 

– April Tapp, Marketing Manager for Attorney

“As a coach, investing in myself is important for personal and business growth. But, if I invest, I want to get real, tangible outcomes and deliverables. Jen’s program delivers! I’ve taken courses and coaching with big names like Marie Forleo, but did not get near the value that I got from Jen’s program. If you’re tired of the BS and want results, hire Jen.”

-Melissa Lynn, Life Coach