Jen DeVore Richter

Jen DeVore Richter, Marketing Strategist

Jen is responsible for setting client marketing strategy and leading our team in a way that is empowering to productivity and inspiring creatively.

Liz Goodman

Liz Goodman, Customer Success Manager

Liz is the operations lead ensuring that client shows get produced and marketed each week like clockwork. She also manages magazine projects.

Carol SVS

Carol Ansing, Project Manager

Carol ensures that our creative and tech team have the resources they need to produce great work.

Arianne SVS

Arianne Elmore, Lead Website Developer

Arianne takes the design and development lead on website projects, sales funnels, web updates, and email marketing.

Alter SVS

Alter, Video and Podcast Editor

Alter is the video and podcast editor who make all our clients look and sound like rockstars.

Robert SVS

Robert Bermudez, Lead Graphic Designer

Robert creates our client magazine layouts, marketing materials, and graphic designs.

Marie Bucaling, Show Coordinator

Marie schedules & optimizes client shows on YouTube and manages podcast & content publishing.