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YouTube Studio at Home Setup

YouTube Studio Setup at Home

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At Home YouTube Studio Setup

If you’re thinking about setting up a video studio in your home office, this video is for you! I’m going to show you how I converted an out-of-date pea green 14×10 room in my basement into a gorgeous, bright, modern, YouTube studio for less than $1,000 including lights!

Having your own dedicated space to create videos is beneficial because it helps you:

  • save time not having to break down and put up lights and the background or set each time you record
  • save money not having to rent out studio space somewhere else
  • build consistency and brand equity in your videos
  • save your sanity from not having to duplicate effort in set up when you record
  • get serious about creating content your audience loves
  • create space for creative thinking and most importantly, implementation!

Watch this week’s video and see the amazing transformation that took place in my DIY YouTube studio at home renovation.