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5 Key Actions Savvy Entrepreneurs Take To Become Known as the Authority in Their Industries

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In this age of popular TV shows such as Shark Tank, The Profit, and How I Made My Millions, today’s top stars aren’t just movie actors and musicians anymore. Now they’re movers and shakers and entrepreneurs like Barbara Corcoran, Elon Musk, and Daymond John. This phenomenon of entrepreneurial-based entertainment is creating a new type of celebrity—the “celebrepreneur.”

These celebrepreneurs stand out because they have established themselves as the authority figures in their industries by not only being successful business owners, but also mediasavvy marketers.

As a consumer, there are a sea of options in every field—from legal services, business coaching, health and wellness, and more. Now, instead of wading through the pile, consumers do business with companies that have high profile leaders and emulate those whom they look up to in media.

This movement impacts nearly every industry, including yours. If you would like to separate yourself from the competition and earn attention as THE authority in your industry, you will want to master the 5 key actions savvy entrepreneurs take to become known as the expert in their industries through authority marketing.

5 Key Actions Savvy Entrepreneurs Take To Become Known as the Authority in Their Industries | Authority Marketing

1. Develop your unique value proposition and Claim to Fame

Develop a unique, credible, and authentic personal brand that will position you as an industry authority. Begin by determining what sets you apart from your competition. What’s your unique point of view, values, and proven process?

To get started, complete this template for your unique value proposition by filling in the blanks:

I work with __________________________ who want to ___________________________ so they can ____________________ and _____________________.

Additionally, identify your Claim to Fame, which is the thing that only you have done or can do.

Examples of a Claim to Fame:Jen Richter Author

Write a book

Become a featured writer on a high profile online magazine

Develop and document your proven approach or unique system

Obtain a special certification

Win an award

Accomplish a major feat

Do something unusual

2. Create and market your unique content and insights

The goal is to create content that will provide value and attract new customers. Your aim should be to build an audience using original content, such as videos and blog posts. Incorporate lead magnets into your content marketing plan. Lead magnets are a way to build your email list by providing valuable content to your audience for free in exchange for their email address. This is important because you will nurture your prospects through time, build trust, and grow your online sales funnel.

authority marketing toolkit

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Here are 5 authority marketing ideas:

1. Howto blog posts

2. Top 10 lists

3. VIP access videos

4. Free report

5. Ebook or white paper

3. Actively pursue media publicity

Boost credibility and establish your place as an industry expert through media coverage and placements. Publicity and endorsements present you to your target audience as the better choice over the competition. Leverage all publicity by showcasing it on your website, social media, and other marketing collateral.

4. Become a professional at public speaking

Elevate yourself to expert status and monetize your expertise through speaking engagements relevant to your industry. As an industry authority, your point of view must be unique and you must have a proven approach, compelling story, or experience. Business speakers are elevated to expert status when they approach these opportunities with professionalism and showcase a high standard of delivery that provides their audience with value.

Action tip: Can’t find a stage to speak from? Make your own. Create your own events to boost credibility and reach new audiences. Selfhosted workshops, events, and retreats are a lucrative way to build expert status.

5. Write a business book on your expert topic

Establish yourself as the go-to expert in your industry by accumulating your expert ideas and experience-based knowledge by developing an industryspecific book. Due to technology advances, business owners and experts can now self-publish instead of signing with large publishing houses. As an added bonus, book authorship complements public speaking and solidifies your credibility.

If your competition is closing in on you, the best way to separate yourself from the pack is to establish yourself as THE expert in your industry. By capitalizing on your expertise, you can gain an edge and build a customer or client base that is loyal to you. Someone in your industry is the authority, why not you?



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Balancing Your Work and Faith

Balancing Your Work and Faith

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I’m a Christian. I’m also a business owner. I am a member of a wonderful family- Christian Women in Business. For me, those two worlds are where I spend the majority of my waking hours. I’m either growing in my faith or growing as an entrepreneur. Recently, I’ve been struggling with reconciling the two worlds and seeing how or even if the two can merge.

Christian Women in Business

After working for years to become an expert in my field, I have been given the honor and privilege of having a platform. I am a published author, workshop leader, and now speaker. My work is narrowly focused on helping other small business owners achieve their goals by giving them the tools, systems and knowledge they need to succeed in marketing and grow their companies. 

I am building a brand not only for myself, but for the agency in which I am a partner as well. I have two business partners whom I am proud to be in business with and our company Rock My Image, is not a “Christian company.” However, we are a company filled with positive, loving, and giving people. To be clear, we’re not like Chik-fil-a or Hobby Lobby publicly proclaiming to be built on “Christian” values.

Recently, I’ve been working with a coach to help me refine who I am as a presenter, speaker, and person who wants to inspire other women. As a mentor, Pegine challenges me to dig deeper, push harder, and examine who I really am. As part of my work with her she challenged me to interview 6 Power Women of the National Speaker’s Association, of which I am an Academy Member. These women are at the top of their field as speakers and also happen to be Christian.

What I found from my over 8 hours of interview time with them was that there is no “right” formula for balancing faith and work. Some choose to proclaim it loudly and work exclusively in the Christian market, while others work in the business market and choose to just live out their Christian values. We are Christian Women in Business.

As I continue to refine who I am as a follower of Jesus, business owner, and speaker, I am refining my message and looking for women that I can educate with business insights, but also encourage with my love and potentially even, my faith.

I am curious to know if you have found the balance in your work and faith lives and would love to hear from you. Please leave a comment below. 



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