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10 Best Online Tools for Self-Publishing Magazines

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Knowing which tools you need and which tools you probably don’t need is a big problem to solve when first getting started self-publishing magazines. There are many different types of tools for everything from graphic design to sales to content creation and marketing. The choices can be endless!

Let me save you some time! In this video, I am sharing my personal recommendations for the 10 Best Online Tools for Self-Publishing Magazines including:

  • a brand new Artificial Intelligence (AI) tool that can plan and create content ideas
  • what to use for graphic design if you’re not hiring a professional 
  • the website platform to use if being found in search engines is important to you
  • which software to use that comes with built-in educational tools and a booming community
  • the one platform that can run all aspects of your magazine business if you plan to sell tons of ads and/or have too many contributors to count 
  • which payment processor I recommend because they integrate nicely with most major platforms
  • and more!

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