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Photography’s Newest and Most Surprising Talent?

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As a business owner who is in the spotlight, you probably update your headshot fairly frequently to remain fresh and relevant. But, hiring photographers can get expensive with the photo shoot fees and image license fees. Plus, the costs can quickly climb if you like to have new outfits or get your hair and makeup done.

What if there was a way to refresh your headshots without hiring a professional OR even leaving your house?

That was the question I asked this week after I spent $100 on a new headshot, only to end up disappointed with the result and regretting my investment. I decided to see what all the buzz was about with AI or Artificial Intelligence powered photography. If you haven’t heard the news, AI is taking the marketing world by storm, not only with Chat.gpt and Syllaby helping us make content, but now there are AI websites that aim to put photographers out of a job!

I spent $25 and ordered 35 headshots from one of the AI photography websites and can’t wait for you to see how they turned out!

What do you think? Was the AI robot better at photography than some professional photgraphers?

Tune in to this video to see the result!