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Audience Questions Answered: Marketing & Media Tips

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You have questions! I have answers!

Can ChatGPT be trusted? How do you secure advertisers to create passive income with a show, magazine, or channel? What tools do you need to build a subscriber list? What’s the future of AI + Publishing? Plus, many more questions about marketing, media, and self-publishing.

This video is a “garage sale” of the most frequently asked questions from YouTube viewers, Facebook group members, DMs, and face-to-face conversations that everyone can enjoy. 

Just like at a garage sale, you never know what you’ll find!

Come explore marketing and media with us and join the conversation…

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10 Best Online Tools for Self-Publishing Magazines

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Knowing which tools you need and which tools you probably don’t need is a big problem to solve when first getting started self-publishing magazines. There are many different types of tools for everything from graphic design to sales to content creation and marketing. The choices can be endless!

Let me save you some time! In this video, I am sharing my personal recommendations for the 10 Best Online Tools for Self-Publishing Magazines including:

  • a brand new Artificial Intelligence (AI) tool that can plan and create content ideas
  • what to use for graphic design if you’re not hiring a professional 
  • the website platform to use if being found in search engines is important to you
  • which software to use that comes with built-in educational tools and a booming community
  • the one platform that can run all aspects of your magazine business if you plan to sell tons of ads and/or have too many contributors to count 
  • which payment processor I recommend because they integrate nicely with most major platforms
  • and more!

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5 Unusual Marketing Strategies for Magazine Publishers

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To get noticed in competitive industries, we need to do what others won’t. We have to step outside of our comfort zone, embrace the unusual, and think differently about our marketing and business growth strategies.

This video is for magazine self-publishers ready for next-level and unusual marketing strategies that go beyond the typical.

You will learn 5 Unusual Marketing Strategies for Magazine Publishers including:

  • my #1 way to create a tangible experience that will result in doors opening and more opportunities
  • a fun idea for creating a steady stream of people who apply to work with you versus you chasing after them
  • a new way to position yourself at industry events that will elevate your circle of influence fast
  • how to turn run-of-the-mill networking events into exciting lead generating opportunities
  • a unique way to become the center of attention at industry events and trade shows

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5 Ways to Promote Your Magazine on Social Media

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Building awareness of your self-published magazine can feel overwhelming if you’re just getting started.

How do you grow your subscriptions if you don’t have a big budget to invest in advertising, don’t have a big email list, and don’t have a big brand name built up just yet?

The answer is social media!

It’s free and with the right approach, can be very effective in helping you get to your first 1,000 subscribers.

In this video, you will learn 5 Ways to Promote Your Self-Published Magazine on Social Media including how to:

  • find the most overlooked place to promote 
  • 10x your social reach without advertising
  • turn selfies into increased awareness
  • tap into the most powerful type of social media content that could drive massive traffic
  • create the type of content that is easiest to make

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Uncovering the Secrets Behind Celebrities’ Magazine Success – Watch Me Funnel Hack!

By Digital Magazine, Digital Magazines, Digital marketing, Funnel Hack, Magazine Self-Publishing, Magazines, marketing for business, Marketing Strategy, marketing success, Secrets Behind Celebrities' Magazine Success

As indie-publishers there is a lot we can learn from looking at how celebrities market their traditionally published magazines. We can gain million-dollar marketing insights by looking at how they promote and sell their magazine as a product on their website.

In this video, I walk through three celebrity magazines that are doing well and one celebrity magazine that has unfortunately gone out of business. Plus, I share my opinion on the reason why I think they failed despite having fame and money.

You will gain insights on how to:

  • Keep subscribers from clicking off the page and increase opt-ins
  • Set up a one-page site that does it all: sells prints, connects with your ad sales rep, encourages opt-ins, and builds your brand
  • Make selling simple in just 2-clicks
  • Sweeten the deal with special gifts and bonus content

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The Harsh Truth About Magazine Self-Publishing

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The magazine self-publishing industry is a highly competitive one, with many entrepreneurs and a limited number of successful businesses.

Many people are telling you how to design an eye-catching magazine, but why do they keep getting the business side of publishing wrong?

Do you want to succeed in the publishing world? Watch this video!

You will see: 

  • why your subscriber list doesn’t grow
  • what’s holding you back from charging what you’re worth
  • how to overcome internal naysayers and self-doubt
  • who to turn to for support instead of the Negative Nancy in your life

You will learn the harsh truth about what it REALLY takes to make it as an independent publisher who wants to leverage a magazine to get new clients OR simply make money selling advertising.

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Watch Me Funnel Hack Oprah’s Magazine Subscriber Page

By Digital Magazine, Funnel Hack Oprah’s Magazine, Funnel Hack Oprah’s Magazine Subscriber Page, magazine, magazine funnel, Magazine Publishing, Magazine Self-Publishing, Oprah’s Magazine Subscriber Page, Self Publishing a Magazine, Self-Published, Self-Published Magazine

If you publish a magazine, there is much to learn by seeing how Oprah’s magazine subscriber page is set up, including the copy, layout, design, and offer.

We can ethically borrow marketing ideas from Oprah’s million-dollar marketing team simply by looking at what she’s doing now versus what she used to do and applying the ideas to our self-published magazine subscriber pages.

Heck, even if you don’t have your own magazine, there are still great ideas to learn from Oprah’s million-dollar marketing team just by looking at what she’s doing now and applying some key ideas to your sales pages!

Watch this video and look over my shoulder as I funnel hack Oprah’s magazine subscriber sales page before and after.

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How Long Does It Take to Self-Publish a Magazine? (Digital or Print)

By Digital Magazine, magazine, Magazine Planner, Print Magazine, Self-Publishing Magazine

Deciding to self-publish a magazine is exciting when you think of all the connections you’ll make and the new revenue opportunities that will open up. But, one thing that prevents people from moving forward is not knowing how long the process takes or the steps from idea to publication.

While the timeline can vary depending on your other time commitments and the skill level of everyone involved, I’ve worked out a production calendar to follow that helps us stay on deadline and budget with our clients.

In this video, you will see (for the very first time) the proprietary self-publishing planner that I created and use to help our clients stay on deadline and budget.

You will see how long it takes to self-publish a magazine including:

  • how many weeks total it takes for your first issue to go from idea to in-hand
  • the important first step most new self-publishers make when trying to launch that usually ends up in missed revenue
  • an overview of the step-by-step process 
  • how much time to plan for each step in the process

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3 Hacks to Save Hours a Week on Content Marketing

3 Hacks to Save Hours a Week on Content Marketing

By Content Marketing, Content Marketing Strategy, content marketing tips, Marketers, marketing, Marketing tips, Marketing tricks

“Consistency is King!” is the mantra for content creators and content marketers everywhere, but how do you stay consistent while being a busy entrepreneur taking care of your clients, running the business, and staying on top of everything?

In this video, you will learn three productivity hacks that will help you stay more consistent with your content marketing even if you don’t have the budget to outsource tasks or just haven’t found the right team members yet.

Watch this video to understand:

  • the one strategy I used to publish a YouTube video every week NO MATTER WHAT for over two years without a big budget
  • the BIG mindset shift needed to build accountability in yourself and your content marketing audience
  • the difference between content that people will watch, read, or listen to and content they won’t
  • how to prevent burnout just by changing your content strategy

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Where to Buy Copyright-Free Content for Cheap

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Staring at a blank document on your computer screen with the cursor flashing is one of the most annoying things in business. This is especially true if you’re on deadline or behind in publishing your blog posts, articles, videos, or other content.

But where can we get access to copyright-free content to use as a jumping-off point to make content creation faster and easier?

The answer is to websites that sell PLR or Private Label Rights content done-for-you, like plr.me, which has “Over 16,741 Done-For-You Coaching Resources At Your Fingertips.” You can download PLR courses, presentations, reports, ebooks, products, and coaching programs without writing a single word from scratch and without having to find, pay and babysit expensive freelancers to get the job done.

In this video, I examine the pros and cons of PLR content and do a quick walk-through of plr.me to show you how to download your first blog post starter article for less than $3 in less than 3 minutes.

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