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Write a Book to Grow Your Business & Spread Your Message

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Have you ever noticed how hard it is to get customers to buy your product or service through traditional marketing means? This is because there is a shift happening in business today where customers, clients and patients do not want to be sold to.

If you are a business owner and all you are focusing on is selling, selling, selling and you are not providing value to your audience then you will not be able to make the difference that you are wanting to make. Marketing a business has changed. You do not want to be seen as a pest that is only concerned about how much money your business is bringing in. You need to be seen as a valuable expert that is solving problems and there to work with them to help them get what they are trying to get.

3 Main Aspects to Marketing Success


There are three main things that will make your marketing efforts successful. The first is that you need to have a message that is compelling and moves your audience to action. You should consider what difference your company is making in the lives of those that you serve. By positioning yourself as an expert in your industry or field and giving away valuable insights and information that help your audience you will attract the right type of client to you versus you having to search them out.


The second aspect of effective marketing is that you need to use the right media. The types of media that people use to consume information and make buying decisions has changed. People are no longer sitting in front of their televisions where ads are being run. They are busy and on the go consuming information on their phones, on their laptops. They are reading books either from their Kindle or other book reading app or in the printed form.


The third aspect of effective marketing is that you need to have identified the ideal perfect customer, client or patient for you and understand how to communicate to them what benefit your product or service provides to them. If you are not clear on who you are serving and what difference you make in their lives your marketing efforts will not be effective.

Books Connect All Three: Message, Media & Audience

book author Jen DeVore Richter at WJCT

Jen at WJCT for her interview about her book Amplify Your Business.

These three reasons are why book publishing is an effective way of growing your business.

Your marketing needs to find people where they are, provide value and deliver on your brand promise. Books are very valuable to audiences. We live in an information age where people are rapidly consuming information. By positioning yourself as an expert in your field and writing a book that helps your customer, client or patient solve a problem that they’re having you are likely to cut through the noise of advertising and traditional marketing means and get your message delivered with impact.

In 2013, my business partners and I started our company Rock My Image and one of the first goals that we set for ourselves was to publish a book. We knew that business owners needed the insights that we had about setting the stage for business success. We knew that we could make a difference in their lives if we could only take the information that we had in our hearts and our minds and deliver it to them in a way that they would want to consume it.

Publishing our book Amplify Your Business has been a game changer for our agency and for us personally as well. We no longer are seen or perceived as a marketing agency that only provides creative services. We are known as the go-to-experts in our field and opportunities come to us versus us seeking them out. Also, clients are attracted to us and our approach because we are taking the time to document our proven process and share our valuable insight and knowledge in our book, podcasts, blog posts, and events.

Write a Book to Spread Your Message

If you are struggling with growing your business, writing a book is the number one most important idea that you can easily implement. Publishing your book independently without having to go through a publishing house is actually quite simple and easy to do if you have the right resources and team on your side.

Do not hesitate! Get started today sharing your message, providing value to your audience, and begin writing your book so that you can grow your business into new levels of success greater than what you may have ever imagined.

This approach to marketing through book authorship will require a mindset shift for you. You will need to let go of any limiting beliefs you have about being qualified, ready, or expert enough. If you have personal experience and expert knowledge, you are ready to write your book!

Take Action

An action that I would like for you to take this week is to think about who your ideal perfect client is so you can begin to better define your audience. Sometimes, it’s as easy as looking at ourselves. Our ideal clients are usually like us since we’ve been where they’ve been.

Also I do have a free online training that I would like to give to you as a gift. Please go to my website at http://www.JenDeVore.rocks/leadership-training to download your free success training today.

Until next time.

God bless you!

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Finding freedom in business

The True Story of How I Got Free

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After the first few years of starting my agency business, I was working 60 hour weeks. I was quickly burning out and totally neglecting my personal life. While my relationships and health suffered, I was also working with clients that didn’t “click” with me because I was chasing the money in my business, and not the meaning.

I actually had one client flat out tell me that “she didn’t want her image rocked” and I let her sign a contract anyways because we needed the revenue! (If you don’t know, the name of my company is Rock My Image, so this is a major disconnect!)

I felt trapped and unappreciated. I was frustrated and deep down felt like I was missing my true purpose at work.

During the years of 2013- 2015, my business was flourishing on the outside, but I was floundering on the inside. The competition was tough. Other consultants were willing to work for less, trading time for money and in my client’s eyes, my value was on price, not quality or my level of expert experience.

Lots of business owners focus on churning and burning through clients, and they’re not making a real difference in their clients lives. They’re not making an impact. They are not using their unique gifts and talents to serve a higher purpose.

As a business owner, we secretly put on a happy face on social media that business is great. But, behind the scenes, we know that there is something more for us and that there has to be a better way to build a business we love AND thrive in life.

In 2016, everything changed for me. I quit competing on price and working with clients that didn’t fit and started elevating my STATUS as an expert in my industry and created SYSTEMS that could free me up to spend time with the people and the causes I love.

This was a pivotal moment for me. After my book Amplify Your Business started attracting media attention, I knew I had figured it out!

After our book came out in April 2016, I started sharing my process and spreading the message that by becoming the best version of ourselves, we can build the business and lives of our dreams.

The results and feedback I’ve received has been amazing! Not only has my life and business completely changed, but the lives and business’ of my clients are changing too. I am now a national keynote speaker, a published author, and HuffPost contributor. Wow! What a difference a year can make!

Now, I am pleased to offer limited access to the Purpose Filled Business™ Coaching Program so you can work one-on-one with me to become a Rockstar Professional in your industry using my proven process and insights.

Applications are now open to those with the attitude, expertise, and drive to thrive in business and life. I am looking for a few select new coaching clients that know that there is more for them and that they too want to find new levels of freedom and fulfillment in their business’ and  lives.

If this sounds like you, apply for a FREE coaching call with me by clicking the link below:


You are set apart to do great things, so don’t let another moment go by. Take action today!

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The identity revolution

The Identity Revolution

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There is a revolution taking place in the business world today and thought leaders in their industries are jumping in early. At Rock My Image, we have coined the phrase, “Identity Revolution” to describe it.

The line between industry expert and media personality is blurred resulting in the new Identity Revolution in marketing. As internet technology makes it easier for you to build a platform AND business, leading media personalities adopt business building skills from entrepreneurs and entrepreneurs adopt brand building skills from leading media personalities to leverage their personal clout into business success.

You’ve seen this happening by the likes of Barbara Corcoran and Daymond John on Shark Tank, Dr. Oz, and by YouTube sensation beauty expert Kandee Johnson. By hosting a podcast, writing books, and sharing content, I am actually doing it too!

Media Personality + Entrepreneur = Celebrepreneur

Whether you’re currently working in media as on-air talent and looking to build your own brand based empire OR a local high level business owner looking to leverage your clout into new opportunities, the concept of becoming a Rockstar Professional is important for you to know.

In this place where the two worlds collide, media meets business, you’ll find like minded professionals who seek to: 

  • leverage their expertise and experience into powerful personal brands as authors, speakers, media experts, and online influencers
  • benefit from relationships with the industries top women and men of influence
  • gain insights into how to attract new business opportunities on not just a local level, but a regional, national, or worldwide platform
  • think beyond the typical path and pave a new future for themselves

My focus is on inspiring and empowering those with the attitude, expertise, and drive to thrive as the authority in their industry so they can enjoy new levels of freedom and fulfillment. 

Why am I Telling You About This?

The concept of the “Identity Revolution” is important to know about so you can be current on new marketing strategies. I want to caution you to not let the superficial thrill of being “famous in your industry” make you lose sight of why this type of business growth system may or may not be for you. It is for you if you have a positive and uplifting message to share with the world and you want to gain control of your business or career so you have the freedom in your life to spend your time with the causes and people that really matter to you.

Shifting Your Mindset

Do you have what it takes to become a Rockstar Professional? Personal Branding Speaker Jen DeVore Richter


  • I seek to effectively communicate my message and impact others positively.
  • As a leader, I know it is important to make time to work “on” the business and not just “in” it.
  • I am committed to doing whatever it takes to reach my goals.


  • I am at the top of my industry and can back up my expertise with education and training.
  • My peers respect and value my opinion. My reputation is excellent.
  • My approach is unique, makes and impact, and is highly sought after.


  • When I make decisions about my business, I consider the long term big picture.
  • When I set my mind to something, I see it through to the end.
  • Nothing can stop me from achieving my dream.

Congratulations! If you selected one or more questions then you have the formula to succeed!


available on iTunesActions You Should Take

The action that I would like for you to reflect on the formula I provided. On a scale of 1-10, rate yourself in these areas:

ATTITUDE – at what level are you willing to put yourself out there and share your ideas?

EXPERTISE – do you have all of the skill and knowledge you need to be a thought leader?

DRIVE – how committed are you to achieving your bold vision?

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Connecting with your audience and building influence

Connecting With Your Audience & Building Influence

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Connecting With Your Audience

In this article, we’re going to be discussing how you can truly connect with your audience in ways that go beyond social media shout-outs, and blog post comments, with real life connections that have the potential to be life-changing.

Recently, I was on an airplane flying from Jacksonville to St. Louis for a speaking engagement. As I boarded the airplane early in the morning I realized that I was assigned the middle seat. The woman who was sitting by the window appeared to be having a very bad day when I struggled to put my belongings under my seat and dug the seat belt out of the seat cushions. I gave her a small smile and said good morning. She looked at me with a little bit of sadness on her face and I could tell that she was on the verge of tears. I asked her, “Are you okay?” and she said no. “I thought my flight was at 8 o’clock this morning,” she said,  “but it was actually at 8 o’clock tonight. So I’ve started my morning off frustrated trying to rearrange my flights and am just having a really bad day.”

Take Time To Listen

Her name was Layla and I listened as she told me story after story of how she felt like life was beating her down. She had lost her job recently. She was having problems with her relationships. And was searching for a purpose in her life. She told me that she really wanted to start a business but she lacked vision for how to do it. 

I felt when she said those words to me that God had put me in that middle seat at that time in the morning specifically to meet Layla and to be an encouragement to her.

I said to her you’re not going to believe this but I am in the Bold Vision business. I told her that I was on my way to the speaking engagement in St. Louis and that I had just written a book that helps people gain clarity over their lives and the direction of their business or career choices. Her eyes widened as I took a copy of my book out of my bag and handed it to her as a gift. She asked “Really? I can’t believe my luck! This is turning out to be the best day ever!” She smiled as she thumbed through the book and told me that she was so happy that her day had turned around and that I was sitting next to her. Layla and I had a great connection that morning on the airplane. I was able to be an encouragement to her using not only my personal friendship but also using my work and the purpose that I find as a speaker. What started out as a terrible day turned into a new connection and I hope a renewed sense of direction for Layla.

Use Your Influence to Lift Others Up

I am sharing this story with you to encourage you to look for real ways of connecting with your audience. When everyone else is wrapped up in social media followers and fans, we need to be focused on lifting each other up. available on itunes

Shifting Your Mindset

This attitude will require that you take a mindset shift away from always looking to your phone as a way to connect to your audience, and instead open your eyes and heart to those around you.

Actions You Should Take

The action that I would like for you to take this week is to look for one person that you can uplift in business. Perhaps it’s sharing a tip or trick that you know could save them lots of time and money. Perhaps it’s just saying an encouraging word and giving a compliment.

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hiring a career coach

7 Things You Should Know About Hiring a Career Coach

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Have you ever wondered what it would be like to feel free of this “career identity crisis” you’re currently in?

Have you ever imagined what it would be like to get clear and focused on your future and goals?

Have you ever dreamed about having an actionable plan to take you from where you are to where you’re going?

With a career coach, these dreams can become actions and goals that are possible. Before hiring a career coach, here are 7 things you should know.

How to Hire a Career Coach

  1. Hire a coach that is living the lifestyle you want. If they can’t demonstrate that they are walking the talk, then something is off. Only hire a coach who has been where you are and is doing what you want to do.
  2. Ensure your coach has the practical knowledge to back it up. You coach should be well trained in business and management and have the education and training to prove it.
  3. Check that your coach has a stellar reputation and testimonials. Check your coach’s online profiles for testimonials and reviews of their work before you decide to hire them.
  4. Ask your coach about their proven process. Is your coach using a system adopted from someone else’s program or have they developed their own proven approach? Either way, you will want to ensure that your coach is using a process that works.
  5. Make sure that the coaching program is goal oriented and is action based using a system that can track results. How will you and your coach measure the result? Ensure that it is goal focused and action oriented.
  6. Commit to doing the work. You get out what you put in. A career coach should hold you accountable with a tough love approach, but it is ultimately up to you to take their direction and implement the strategies.
  7. Maintain an open mind. Don’t think about why it won’t work, focus on why it will work. An open mind and positive attitude are vital. Only work with a coach you like and trust so barriers can be removed.women's event speaker Jen DeVore Richter

Looking for a career transformation?

A limited number of spots are now open for Jen DeVore Richter’s Purpose Filled Business 90-Day Coaching Program for women in business.

• Set key goals and outline the key action steps for a 90 Day Action Plan to achieve it.

• Get insights that will be results focused. Less talk, more action!

• Understand how to leverage your unique gifts, talents, and experience into a career OR business you love serving other people.

Why hire Jen DeVore Richter as a career coach?

  • demonstrated success herself transitioning from corporate executive to small business owner to powerhouse entrepreneur, author, and national keynote speaker
  • she holds a master’s degree in business management with over 25 years of experience
  • Jen’s reputation is of an excellent standard with rave reviews from long term clients and associates
  • her proven process is documented in the Rockstar Professional’s Business Growth Blueprint™
  • the approach Jen uses is based on a 90-Day Action Plan ensuring strategic and results oriented outcomes
  • Jen’s no-nonsense approach to business have resulted in millions of dollars in business for her clients and a business that she loves
  • her clients love her that she is always energetic, focused, and positive


  • monthly coaching with your own Authority Marketing Expert, Leadership Coach, and Accountability Partner, Jen DeVore Richter
  • strategic planning session video conferences
  • weekly email check-ins & access to Jen
  • personalized Goal Action Planner and Scorecard Tracker

Coaching packages start at $497. Book now to receive over $2,300 in FREE GIFTS! (Offer ends April 14, 2017)

It’s all possible. Just take the first step. Contact Jen today.

Yes! I want to build a career that rocks and thrive in life!

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Become a Great Leader

Becoming a Great Leader

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Becoming a Great Leader

Here is why this is an important topic for you to know.

As business owners, entrepreneurs, and women in business, it is important for us to recognize that in order to get to a position where we can inspire and influence others and share our message, we need to be in a position of leadership.

Being a leader instead of a do-er frees you up from working IN the business to working ON the business. Working ON the business is an important step to take if your goal is to make an impact on others.

My Experience Story

When I started my entrepreneurial journey 12 years ago I made the mistake of trying to do everything myself. While I did have a small team of assistants that I had hired and trained, the mistake that I made was not building in the systems that I needed in order for the business to run without me in it.

My assistants were fantastic at helping me with specific projects, working specific events, and doing the tasks that were assigned as they came up. They were fun people to be around they kept me inspired and we all had a wonderful time working together. Where I went wrong was that I failed to create implement and document systems for every part of my business so that the team could run the business without me there to manage them.

Another mistake I made was that I had built a brand around my name so clients would only hire my company if I personally was the one that was providing the service. I had failed to build a brand that could be converted into an Empire.  I had built a company based on my personal reputation and connections and created a nice job for myself within the business. But I had failed to build a self-sustaining company.

There are basically two components that every entrepreneur, business owner, or business professional needs to be a leader in their company. These two items are status and systems. Behind the Scenes with Jen DeVore

Status Matters

Status is your personal brand and how you are perceived in your industry. It is important to build a personal brand and reputation that positions you as an expert and a thought leader in your industry. Once you are seen as the authority in your space you will be able to spread your message to a wider audience and be given platforms from which to share your ideas.

Systems are Key

Systems are vital so that you can be active in working on your business as the Visionary and person in control of your company’s mission, culture and impact. Systems will allow you to scale and replicate the processes that you use in your company. Once you have systems in place team members can be trained to do things the way you want them to be done in order to achieve the result you desire.

Without status and systems together you will lack the ability to build a business that runs without you managing the day-to-day operations.

With status and systems together you will be able to build an Empire and team around you so that you can spread your message, start your movement and make a difference in the world.

If you are at the point where you are too busy working in your business or at your job to lift your head up raise your eyes and focus on the future ahead then you need to make a change and begin to elevate your status and create systems in your business.

Know Your Core Competencies

In order to build your brand and develop systems that will create your Empire you will need to know your core competencies so that you can leverage your strengths in your brand and business and hire talented people to help you fill the gaps with your weaknesses. For example if writing is not your favorite thing to do then it would be wise to invest in a professional copywriter and editor to help you express your ideas. Another example would be if accounting managing your books makes you cringe then it would be smart to hire a professional bookkeeper to help you manage your finances. By taking an inventory of your key competencies you’ll begin to see which tasks in your business need to be outsourced immediately and which tap you may consider doing yourself.

Why am I Telling You This Story and Giving You This Exercise?

I am sharing this information with you so that you won’t make the mistake that I made 12 years ago. My goal is to save you lots of time, lots of money and enable you to the fulfill your purpose. By elevating your status and developing systems that your team can run for you, you will be able to achieve your goals.

Jen provided inspiration and motivation.

Shifting Your Mindset

Elevating your status and developing systems will require that you change your mindset. Your mindset will need to be changed away from feeling like you are the only person that can work in your business. If you are a little bit of a control freak or type A personality that likes everything done just so, this is going to be tough for you. But you are probably the person that needs to hear this message the most. I say this with love because I used to be like that. I thought that my way was the best way. By creating systems for how I wanted things done and implementing a training program that my team could follow I’ve been able to achieve The Best of Both Worlds. I get things done the way that I want them to be done but other people do the work for me. This frees me up just focus on empowering women on their intro entrepreneurial journey and fulfilling my purpose in the world.

Actions You Should Take

The action that I want you to take this week is to create a list of 5 things that you could delegate out that will move your business forward. Take an hour or two and think about the top marketing tactics that you are doing currently in your business that you could hire someone else to do. Then make the time to outline a system for each of the five marketing tactics keeping in mind the goal that you will outsource or hire someone to implement the system for you. These could be writing your blog posts, designing your newsletters, scheduling your social media posts, editing video or audio files, or creating graphics for marketing materials.

A resource that I recommend for outsourcing small tasks is Fiverr.com if you’re on a budget.


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Why Values Matter in Business Leadership

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And how you can be successful once your values are identified

Values in business leadership is an important topic if you are interested in attracting like-minded people to you or your business.

When you lead with your values, you can attract the perfect clients, hire the right employees and staff, find partnerships that will work, and find more fulfillment and purpose in what you do.

Here’s a confession: When my business partners and I started Rock My Image in 2013, we made the mistake of not identifying our shared values up front. This result was that we attracted mismatched clients and dealt with a lot of frustration in the early years.

It was hard for us to instantly see the repercussions of this since our business was booming and our client list was long. We actually had the problem of too many clients! But over time, what resulted was frustration from having to compete on price and just being seen as a commodity to a few of the business owners we worked with.

Because we failed to identify and communicate our values early on, we were frequently stressed out because we were working on projects that didn’t give us purpose. We were having communication problems with mismatched clients who didn’t see eye-to-eye with our approach and we had less job satisfaction.

There were so many days when I personally felt like giving up because I was not understood and respected.

I had a change of heart when we started making tough decisions about the types of projects we would accept and who we wanted to work with. We took time to examine our business from afar and realized that we needed to do this work. We need to identify and communicate our values.

My professional values are:jen devore mantra

Being true to self – trusting and having faith to be the person I am meant to be. Not an imitation or skin deep version. But showing up with everything that I am.

Financial magnetism – valuing my experience and knowledge enough so that others will too. Getting paid what I’m worth and not accepting second best.

Authority – owning my place as an expert in my field and sharing what I know in a way that is empowering and inspiring to others.

At Rock My Image, our values are:

  • Trustworthy & Integrity Filled Reputations that help build our brand and business.
  • Passionate Spirits that keep us motivated and inspire others.
  • Positive Attitudes about our work and lives.
  • Bold Visions for our future and current success as well as our clients.
  • Creative Minds to produce great work.
  • Results Oriented Actions for a more effective approach.
  • Fun, Playful Environments to make coming to work and working with us a joy.
  • Smart People so we can learn from each other.
  • Leadership Abilities to grow in our careers, lead by example and teach others.

The result has been amazing since staying true to our values!

In the last year, our revenue and profit is up while the number of projects we work on has gone down. Now, don’t be confused. This is a good thing! We’re working smarter and not harder. We’re working with the right clients that have shared vision and values. The result is that we have less stress and are happier at work on a day to day basis.

How To Identify Your Values for Business Leadership

So, how do you identify your values so that you can communicate them clearly and attract the perfect clients? The goal is to narrow down your values to the Top 3.

  1. To do this, start by creating a list of the values that your favorite existing clients have. This could be their corporate culture values and their personal values as well.
  2. Next, make a list of the values that describe your family members and friends. These are the people you enjoy being around the most and probably have the most in common with you.
  3. Then make a list of the values that your best employees, contractors, or partners have. Again, this can be their personal values.
  4. To wrap up the exercise, make a list of your values.
  5. Finally, you will look at your lists and combine like values together and eliminate the ones that are redundant or just not as strong.
  6. Narrow the list down to the top 6.
  7. Then narrow it down even further to the top 3.

Why am I Telling You This Story?

Because once you have your values identified, and you can communicate them, you too will experience greater satisfaction and fulfillment at work or in your business.

The main takeaway here is to remember to establish your values upfront with your clients and colleagues. It will save you tons of time and unnecessary stress in the long run. Let your values be known, and you’ll attract the attention of like-minded individuals, setting you up for success.





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