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Denver Business Bootcamp

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Denver Business Leaders Marketing Bootcamp

Attraction Marketing for Growing Businesses

How to IMPLEMENT Attraction Marketing in your business to Attract, Convert, and Retain high value clients, customers, and patients.

Learn how to execute multi-step, direct response marketing systems both online and offline that produce RESULTS from award-winning business innovator and NASA Kennedy Space Center’s former head of marketing Jen DeVore Richter.Jen DeVore Richter

For a very special 2-hour event, Jen will reveal the exact process she and her clients have used to generate leads on-demand, close more sales without being pushy, and upsell/ascend your clients to do more business with you. Jen will show you how to quickly improve your marketing results with her high impact, low cost marketing ideas that WOW buyers.

You will receive a CRASH COURSE in exactly how to improve the marketing of your business or practice at the Denver Business Bootcamp.

The Problem: Too many CMOs, CEOs, CROs & business owners are frustrated from ineffective business growth strategies that fail to deliver measurable results resulting in wasted time, money and loss of market share.

The Solution: Forget the tired marketing concepts that don’t work anymore and embrace Attraction Marketing to match your marketing to the way today’s savvy and skeptical consumers will buy.

Learn from Jen DeVore Richter who is a highly sought-after marketing expert. As a published author, she and her proven process have been featured on FOX, PBS, Huffpost, NBC, CBS, and ABC.

The Denver Business Leaders Bootcamp will show you step-by-step, how to transform your business or practice by creating an attraction marketing machine that elevates your authority, turns your website into a lead machine, and changes your marketing into a world-class experience your prospects will love.  You will return to the office with an Action Guide full of ideas you can implement immediately and end your marketing frustrations for good!

Thursday, March 26, 2020 // 8:30am-10:30am

Thanks to our sponsors Xero, Brainstorm Business Services, and A Precious Child, this event is 100% FREE to attend. Registration is capped to first 50. Hurry!

Register at www.DenverBusinessBootcamp.com

cherry creek business coach

Cherry Creek Business Growth Depends on Effective Strategies for Business Owners

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Cherry Creek business owners are enjoying the benefits of being based in a “magnet for commercial activity” according to the Denver Business Journal.


However, they are not immune to the challenges that all small business owners face across the country, namely generating enough customers, clients, and patients to sustain growth and planning for profitability.

Cherry Creek health providers, advisors, restaurateurs, practice owners, shop owners, and office owners can all benefit from proven, effective marketing strategies that produce real results.

Cherry Creek Business Coach Jen DeVore Richter

Cherry Creek Business Coach Jen DeVore Richter

Here are a few key strategies that all businesses should adopt in order to grow revenue:

  • Tip #1 – ensure your business has a Market Dominating Position statement. For example, Domino’s Pizza built a billion dollar empire on one sentence: hot, fresh pizza delivered in 30 minutes or less. Guaranteed. What is the valuable advantage your company has over your competition that your customers, clients, or patients care about?
  • Tip #2- price your products and service for profit, not based on what the competition is charging. Use bundled pricing strategies to offer more value. Today’s savvy consumer is looking for the best value. Value doesn’t mean that they’re looking for the cheapest price. Packaging products and services together to provide more value is a powerful way to sell more without discounting.
  • Tip #3- as the business owner, make marketing your #1 responsibility. Don’t fall for the trap of working “in” the business, and not “on” the business. Many entrepreneurs suffer from burnout and stress from juggling it all. But the most important priority for any business owner to focus on is where the next customer, client, or patient is going to come from.

Facts are facts. If Cherry Creek business owners are going to thrive, more education and empowerment around how to drive revenue is needed.

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