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profit hacking your business

How to Improve Profit in a Business

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There’s this little-known thing called Profit Hacking. Hardly anybody is talking about it. But when you learn it and use it, you’ll see a huge difference in your small business marketing and immediately understand how fast you can make an extra $10K next quarter by uncovering hidden revenue opportunities in your business.

Jen DeVore Richter, Business Breakthrough Specialist, has been working for 5 years to ensure that her clients have the competitive advantage when it comes to growing your business. Profit Hacking is the advantage and Jen is a master at it!

Arrange a call with Jen to see:

  • How to uncover $10,000 – $50,000 in hidden revenue opportunities in your business without spending any more money on marketing
  • The 5 key areas of your business you should be focused on to maximize profit in your business in as little as 30 days
  • How to find the baseline and profit potential in your business so you can make better decisions about what you need to focus on immediately and what can wait
  • A proven system you can follow so you don’t get confused and distracted any longer

Click here to schedule a Profit Hacking call with Jen:


Rising Influencer Profit Process

Only take Jen up on this offer for the 45-minute breakthrough call if:

  • You are serious about growing a “real” business that can support you and your family.
  • You’re committed to taking action and putting in the work. This is not a get rich quick scheme!
  • You’re done making excuses about where your business is at and are ready to change.
  • You believe that your business has the ability to change someone’s life if only you had the right exposure.
  • You’ve been winging your sales process up to this point, but are going to take it seriously in 2019

Here are some of her results:

“Jen, before hiring you I felt like I had lost control over the money in my business. I didn’t really know what I should and should not do to grow. Now I am in complete control and actually enjoying the process. Plus, we’re measuring our results everyday. Putting profit first and focusing on pricing has enabled us to generate more cash flow faster. It’s only been a couple days and I see the difference financially! Plus, the strategies you created for me to generate leads are going to be really fun.” – Ana Stauch, A New Way Healthcare

“Working with Jen was such a fun and productive experience. We got an amazing amount of work done, put processes to my business and I left with such motivation to go and implement what we talked about. Within 24 hours I made back my investment by signing a high ticket client.” – April Caldwell, Trail Blazers Tribe

On average, Jen finds about $44,500 to $314,000 in low hanging fruit hidden revenue opportunities for each person she does a 45-minute call with.

So, don’t miss out on the hidden revenue in your business. Set up your call today:

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Grow Your Consulting Business with a Book

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Writing a book is not just for creative writers. It can be a very valuable tool in your marketing strategy and can help you grow your consulting business, without even having to sell one copy! Writing our book Amplify Your Business: A Rockstar Professional’s Guide to Marketing Success has me reflecting on the process. Although it was a lot of work, it has turned out to be very rewarding. It’s like leaving your legacy behind for others to enjoy and learn from.

I’ve met so many people that have either tried to write a book, thought about writing a book, or want to write a book but they’re not sure how to start. The purpose of this blog post is to give you inspiration to get started writing the book that is inside you.

Why to Write a Business Book

C0-Author of Amplify Your Business

I am a professional communicator. My job is to be able to effectively communicate client ideas from a source to their audience in a way that matters to them. Sometimes I am:Jen DeVore Richter author

  • a translator
  • a content curator (sharing other people’s ideas)
  • a content creator (creating new messages)
  • a writer
  • a photographer
  • a video producer
  • a marketer
  • a strategist
  • a business analyst

Through the book writing process for Amplify Your Business, I learned that I am also an EDUCATOR and I seek to be one that inspires. So, my career goals have changed. I no longer seek to only be an agency owner, I seek to be a teacher to entrepreneurs and professional women in particular. Since making this change in my mindset, I’ve opened myself up to speaking opportunities and have even started taking on leadership roles at my church. What a blessing this book has been to see myself differently!

When I began my marketing and communications career, I knew that I wanted to own an agency, but never thought about writing a book. The inspiration for our book came from seeing a need. Business owners needed some foundational knowledge that would help them make better marketing decisions. I knew we could save them time and money if they were armed with the right info.

The first thing we did was put faces and names to actual people in our lives that we knew could benefit from such a book. That was helpful: putting the persona together. Then we worked on the concept and content.

I’ll get into planning to write a book in a later blog post, but the thing I want to nail down today is just to inspire you to think about one question:

If you could help others by writing a book, who would you help? What would it be about?

Just begin to do some reflection and meditation on that concept and see what comes up for you. I think you’ll begin to see yourself and your consulting business differently.


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