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Authority Marketing 101

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Authority Marketing Wins

What if I told you that there were very important ways of marketing your business without advertising that could attract a new audience to you and help you build your tribe of the perfect leads?

I recently had two major wins by leveraging Authority Marketing.

Each month our agency publishes a new blog post and shares the blog article with our newsletter subscriber list. On our list is the Publisher of a local business magazine. Within 5 minutes of hitting send on our newsletter, Joe, the publisher of the magazine emailed me back to ask if he could use a section of my article and republish it in his magazine giving me full credit. Of course I said yes! What a great way for me to pick up additional valuable media exposure at no cost to me. 

Another win I experienced leveraging authority marketing is that I held a live webinar on personal branding. I had about 45 people register for the webinar and 22 actually joined me. From those 22 individuals I was able to book 7 new coaching prospect calls. So, by providing value in the webinar, I earned 7 new leads!

Positioning Yourself as an Expert

Leveraging authority marketing is an important tool in building your position as an expert in your industry and creating new business opportunities. There are basically eight main categories of authority marketing strategies I will cover with you here.

Lead Generation

The first category is lead generation. I like to create value for my blog readers and social media followers in the form of ebooks, success kits, podcasts, and other forms of information that solves their problems. By giving away this free information and adding value to my audiences I can in return ask for their email address to access it and build my email list and leads.

Public Relations

A second form of authority marketing is leveraging free media publicity using public relations. By offering your expertise to reporters, writers, and interviewers you can find yourself in the spotlight. Public relations is an important tool to be used to spread your message without having to pay for advertising.

Event Marketing

Events and event marketing is another form of authority marketing that can be very effective in not only building your lead list but also for finding your ideal customers and buyers. You can host your own events or offer to speak at other organizations events for increased exposure for your business as well as additional revenue sources.

Content Marketing

The type of authority marketing that I personally enjoy the most is content marketing. If you’re struggling to make sense of what to post on social media in a way that can grow your business content marketing is the answer. You could begin by writing a blog post for your website either every week or every month and then sharing that blog post to your social media accounts. Again this is another way of providing excellent value to your audience.

Public Speaking

The fifth way of leveraging authority marketing is in public speaking. Well public speaking is the number one most common fear I believe it is the number one most effective thing that you can do to grow your business effectively. I encourage you to invest in yourself as a public speaker and to obtain the training Jen provided inspiration and motivation.and confidence you need to feel comfortable speaking either in front of a group we’re on camera. This will be key to your success as a rock star professional. 


Referral Marketing

Referral marketing is the next category of authority marketing that you should play close attention to. Referral marketing is finding Key strategic partners or joint venture partners that have the same audience as you do but are in a different non-competing business category. By working together and leveraging your joint expertise and audience lists you can benefit each other by growing your business is to each other’s markets.

Book Authorship

The seventh type of authority marketing I’d like to discuss is book authorship. Writing a book can be a game changer in your business. Book authorship is very important if you have ambitions to become a paid professional public speaker, land media interviews at a high-level, or you could even use it as a sales tool to mail it to your targeted ideal prospects. With the advent of technology, writing and publishing your own book has become easy and fun.

Product Development

Product development is an important aspect of authority marketing that you should pay attention to if you’re looking to create new levels of freedom and fulfillment in your career. Product development entails taking your expertise and converting it into products that can be sold or given away for free to your target audience in an effort to grow your business. You could take your expertise as a consultant coach or service provider, and convert it into a book a DVD series, a web series, a physical product, or even a available on itunesworkshop. The important key here is to think about how you could work smarter and not harder by leveraging your expertise and scaling your business into new revenue streams.

Why Am I Telling You About This?

In closing, authority marketing is all about providing value to your audience. The more you share and give away your unique insights and expertise the more you will gain in return. 

Shifting Your Mindset

Authority marketing requires that you change your mindset away from focusing on the short term. To build a business with this type of marketing you need to think like a gardener. You’re planting seeds and watering so you can reap the harvest next season.

Actions To Take

The action that I would like for you to take is to answer the question, “If you were going to write a book, what would the title be?”

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Improve Your Brand

The 5 Keys to Improve Your Brand

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 Develop your personal brand to make your BOLD vision come to life

Adaptation is Key

People do business with people they know, like, and trust. If you are a business owner or executive trying to stand out in a crowded marketplace or workplace, then you absolutely must develop your personal brand to communicate your unique value. The best way to do this is to be or become THE expert in your industry on a specific topic.

Plus, as the business environment changes rapidly, so do our product and service offerings. We must be able to adapt to new customer demands. What is needed one day, may be out of demand the next. So, building a personal brand is an important step to being able to quickly adapt.

What is a Brand?

Now, most people think that a brand is just a logo. This is a common misconception.

A logo is only a very small part of a brand. Imagine an iceberg. In your mind’s eye, picture the tip of the iceberg above the surface and the majority of the iceberg below the surface. In brand development, the logo is the tip of the iceberg. A brand is so much more than a logo. That is where the 5 Chords of Branding come into play.

Recently, I was speaking to one of my clients who is an aspiring speaker on the topics of Leadership and Customer Service. We will call her Michelle. Michelle has a successful business in the real estate industry and has spent the last decade or so building the business brand. She is a well known workshop leader in her industry but, now she seeks to take her knowledge of leadership and customer service and transition into becoming a keynote speaker on the main stage at sales conferences in different industries. img_1009

She needs to develop her personal brand to make this bold vision come to life.

Your goals may not be to move onto the main stage at a big national sales conference. Your goals may include expanding your service offerings to offer community workshops or your own events.

The point is that you never know where your career will take you and what opportunities are in store for you to share and inspire, and building your personal brand is the foundation for those dreams to become a reality.

A brand is comprised of 5 key elements, or chords, as we like to call them at Rock My Image.

How To Determine Your Brand’s 5 Chords

  1. Values – this is probably the most important aspect of a personal brand. What do stand for? What do you stand against? By identifying and communicating your values in your marketing you will attract like minded customers, partners, and supporters. Your community will begin to form and your work will be more fulfilling and purposeful because you will be true to yourself.
  2. Style – your visual style is important to develop so that you’re putting your best foot forward and able to stand out in a crowded marketplace. The includes the colors associated with your brand, the photography style, even what you wear!
  3. Message – what is your message? What you say is important in brand building, but also important is how you say it. What is the tone of your message? Are you funny like Ellen Degeneres or thought provoking like Oprah?
  4. Experience – how do people feel when they interact with your brand? Are they inspired, pampered, empowered? Think about all the ways one interacts with your brand and ensure they customer experience is consistent with your values.
  5. It Factor – many people think the “it factor” is something you are just born with. You either have it or not. Like a famous Hollywood celebrity, they were destined for greatness. You may feel like success is for other people. But, the truth is- you have “it factor” too! We all have unique talents and gifts that deserve to be shared with the world. Your quirks are what make you different, and in business different is good!

Why am I Telling You This Story?

Because once you have your 5 Chords established, the brand development process starts to come to life! You will build a business that is a reflection of your true self. Being confident in who you are and able to communicate it is the first step to being seen as the expert in your industry and financial freedom.

The main takeaway here is that you never know where your business will take you. So you need to be confident in your personal brand. Because it’ll be the foundation for your business dreams to become a reality.








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5 Key Actions Savvy Entrepreneurs Take To Become Known as the Authority in Their Industries

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In this age of popular TV shows such as Shark Tank, The Profit, and How I Made My Millions, today’s top stars aren’t just movie actors and musicians anymore. Now they’re movers and shakers and entrepreneurs like Barbara Corcoran, Elon Musk, and Daymond John. This phenomenon of entrepreneurial-based entertainment is creating a new type of celebrity—the “celebrepreneur.”

These celebrepreneurs stand out because they have established themselves as the authority figures in their industries by not only being successful business owners, but also mediasavvy marketers.

As a consumer, there are a sea of options in every field—from legal services, business coaching, health and wellness, and more. Now, instead of wading through the pile, consumers do business with companies that have high profile leaders and emulate those whom they look up to in media.

This movement impacts nearly every industry, including yours. If you would like to separate yourself from the competition and earn attention as THE authority in your industry, you will want to master the 5 key actions savvy entrepreneurs take to become known as the expert in their industries through authority marketing.

5 Key Actions Savvy Entrepreneurs Take To Become Known as the Authority in Their Industries | Authority Marketing

1. Develop your unique value proposition and Claim to Fame

Develop a unique, credible, and authentic personal brand that will position you as an industry authority. Begin by determining what sets you apart from your competition. What’s your unique point of view, values, and proven process?

To get started, complete this template for your unique value proposition by filling in the blanks:

I work with __________________________ who want to ___________________________ so they can ____________________ and _____________________.

Additionally, identify your Claim to Fame, which is the thing that only you have done or can do.

Examples of a Claim to Fame:Jen Richter Author

Write a book

Become a featured writer on a high profile online magazine

Develop and document your proven approach or unique system

Obtain a special certification

Win an award

Accomplish a major feat

Do something unusual

2. Create and market your unique content and insights

The goal is to create content that will provide value and attract new customers. Your aim should be to build an audience using original content, such as videos and blog posts. Incorporate lead magnets into your content marketing plan. Lead magnets are a way to build your email list by providing valuable content to your audience for free in exchange for their email address. This is important because you will nurture your prospects through time, build trust, and grow your online sales funnel.

authority marketing toolkit

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Here are 5 authority marketing ideas:

1. Howto blog posts

2. Top 10 lists

3. VIP access videos

4. Free report

5. Ebook or white paper

3. Actively pursue media publicity

Boost credibility and establish your place as an industry expert through media coverage and placements. Publicity and endorsements present you to your target audience as the better choice over the competition. Leverage all publicity by showcasing it on your website, social media, and other marketing collateral.

4. Become a professional at public speaking

Elevate yourself to expert status and monetize your expertise through speaking engagements relevant to your industry. As an industry authority, your point of view must be unique and you must have a proven approach, compelling story, or experience. Business speakers are elevated to expert status when they approach these opportunities with professionalism and showcase a high standard of delivery that provides their audience with value.

Action tip: Can’t find a stage to speak from? Make your own. Create your own events to boost credibility and reach new audiences. Selfhosted workshops, events, and retreats are a lucrative way to build expert status.

5. Write a business book on your expert topic

Establish yourself as the go-to expert in your industry by accumulating your expert ideas and experience-based knowledge by developing an industryspecific book. Due to technology advances, business owners and experts can now self-publish instead of signing with large publishing houses. As an added bonus, book authorship complements public speaking and solidifies your credibility.

If your competition is closing in on you, the best way to separate yourself from the pack is to establish yourself as THE expert in your industry. By capitalizing on your expertise, you can gain an edge and build a customer or client base that is loyal to you. Someone in your industry is the authority, why not you?



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