Jen's Promise: Every presentation will have relevant, actionable strategies that are tested and proven to work that your participants can implement within 24 hours to grow business.

ATTRACTION MARKETING: How to Create a Pipeline of Phone Call Leads Without Prospecting

How do you match your marketing to the way that people buy?

This is the million dollar question that must be explored if you want to cut through the clutter of “status quo” marketing and create a rocket ship that can launch sales and grow revenue.

Key Takeaways:

  1. How to dominate your market with one phrase and make your competition completely irrelevant
  2. The missing piece vital to getting your digital marketing strategy to finally work
  3. The key to closing and converting more business without being “sales-y”

As a former Marketing Executive for NASA who has worked with industry leaders including The Ritz-Carlton, Wyeth Pharmaceuticals, and ABC-TV, I know what it takes to attract attention from cynical consumers and convert it into sales.

Outdated traditional marketing methods are dead. Attraction Marketing is the key to powerful sales campaigns that connect and convert.

In my latest presentation tailor made for your group, I will shift your thinking, empower your team, and energize your company to new levels of marketing success.

Ready to launch your next marketing campaign to new heights? 

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CLAIM YOUR STAGE: How to Move Up, Make More & Thrive!

Research reveals themes women in leadership identify as common issues to overcome: being the only woman in the room at the executive level, being held to a higher standard, knowing how to advocate for myself, and finding balance between boundaries and pushing yourself.

The big idea from this program is Clarity + Confidence = Freedom

  1. How to get really clear, really fast 
  2. How to find your voice
  3. How to communicate your personal power

During this program which can be delivered as an interactive webinar, keynote program, or workshop each participant will be encouraged to share and walk away with:

  • a bolder vision of their career and life
  • a personal values statement for alignment
  • a personal mantra for confidence building

Participants will leave feeling inspired, empowered and ready to step into their greatness.

Check Jen’s availability by calling (904) 382-7255 or fill out the Contact Form.

Jen is an Expert on Sales & Marketing

Jen is a recognized industry expert and thought leader available for programs related to:

  • personal branding & brand development
  • increasing revenue & sales
  • attraction marketing
  • becoming an industry influencer
  • social media & digital marketing
  • marketing automation
  • women in business
  • women in leadership
  • business ownership & entrepreneurism
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