Have you ever done something really scary like bungee jump or skydive? 

In 1992, I worked at a tourist attraction bungee jump called Air Boingo for a semester while I was in college. I literally jumped off a 60 foot tower tied to a bungee cord nearly every weekend for an entire summer in Destin, FL.

Could I have been any more fearless? Well, no. I was scared and full of fear every time I stepped up to the ledge, but I did it anyway. 

I know some of my community members feel that putting yourself out there on video, the microphone, or just on social media in general is just as scary as jumping off a ledge.

So if the thought of “putting yourself out there” on social media holds you back from creating content you know will change people’s lives, this video is for you.

In this week’s video, I’m going to share 3 practical tips on social media marketing for introverts to help you step into the spotlight with confidence.

Even if you’re an extrovert, this video still applies to you if you’re not creating content that connects! There are some practical steps you can take to get better on camera or on the microphone, or to make your marketing more personal.

Watch this video and steal my social media marketing tips for introverts and get over the fear!

Jen DeVore Richter

Author Jen DeVore Richter

Jen DeVore Richter is the former head of advertising for NASA at Kennedy Space Center recently awarded "Innovator of the Year" for excellence in Business Coaching. She is a professional speaker on the topic of marketing as well as women in leadership. Jen is a Certified Platinum business coach globally recognized for her fluff-free, results oriented approach and mastery of direct response marketing strategies.

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