Self Publishing on Amazon: Pros and Cons

Self Publishing on Amazon - Pros and Cons

I’ll never forget the moment that my first book was published on Amazon. I thought I had hit the big time!

After spending two years working on a paperback book about starting a business, I was excited to get the project into the hands of my fellow entrepreneurs. Plus, it just sounds really cool to say that you’re a published author.

My co-authors and I were so excited to be able to grow our brand and business by tapping into what we thought was a huge distribution opportunity. Boy, were we sorely disappointed!

Here’s the lesson I learned: publishing on Amazon is like hosting your website on GoDaddy. Just because the website is hosted does not mean that anybody is going to see it.

Most of our book sales came from our own efforts and promotion to our existing clients, social media campaigns, and emailing our list. Almost no sales came from Amazon promoting or distributing it.

Plus, we were frustrated to find out that of the few sales that did come from Amazon, we were not able to access the contact information of our buyers which left us feeling like we left tons of money on the table.

In this week’s video, we will discuss the Pros and Cons of self-publishing on Amazon.

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