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The Rockstar Professional’s Blueprint™

By October 13, 2017marketing

The Boss Women Rock Claim to Fame

One of the key components in brand building is that you have true differentiators. Your brand is not simply a collection of professional photographs, a logo, a font style, color scheme, and a catchy slogan. Your brand is based on a foundation that is solid when it is rooted in your unique approach to the problem that you solve or the bigger purpose that you serve.

At Boss Women Rock, we call this your Claim to Fame. Different types of Claim to Fame’s that you could have are an award that you’ve won, a certification that you’ve earned, a major feat that you’ve accomplished, or perhaps it is as simple as documenting and marketing not what you do but how you do it.

For example at Boss Women Rock the transformation that we provide or the end goal we have is to take a professional and transform them into a Rockstar Professional. This means that you go from being ordinary to becoming the go-to expert in your industry. So that’s the end result. The process that we use is broken down into five key components or stages.

Stage 1: Set the Stage for the Business of Being a Brand

The first stage is that you set the stage for the business of being a brand. We call this laying a solid foundation. This includes defining a bold vision for who it is that you were trying to become as well as your motivation and inspired mission.  What is the difference that you’re trying to make in the lives of others? You will begin to build your brand business plan based on that solid foundation.

Stage 2: Produce Your Brandbusiness growth toolkit

The second stage is that you produce your actual brand. Here we begin to understand your core gifts and talents, craft your story, identify your unique difference or claim to fame, and begin to work on refining your message and look.

Stage 3: Design Your Marketing Action Plan

The third stage is that we design your MAP or marketing action plan. Here we begin to look at the strategic elements of marketing as well as the tactical tools that you need including sales funnels.

Stage 4: Amplify Your Business

The fourth stage is that you begin to put your business on autopilot. To become a Rockstar Professional you need to focus on being the lead creator and visionary of your company and not the manager or doer of all of the activities. So we will work with you to determine what systems needed to be defined and what team members you may need to hire or outsource so you can delegate the work. Here is where you can really work to scale your business to run without you in it and reach maximum potential for profitability.

Stage 5: Rock Your Authority

We begin to introduce you into the marketplace and communicate on a national or international level by transforming your products and services into a message that reaches a wide audience. Some ideas that you could consider are writing a book, becoming a public speaker, becoming a media expert, hosting your own events, or generating new opportunities through partnership and joint venture opportunities.

Become a Rockstar Professional

If your goal is to become known as the go to expert in your industry you need to have a system in place that you can follow to ensure results. The Rockstar Professionals Blueprint™ is a proven process and a documented system developed by Boss Women Rock that you can use to elevate your influence as a thought leader.

Jen DeVore Richter

Author Jen DeVore Richter

Jen DeVore Richter is a speaker, author and seasoned business owner personally invited by Arianna Huffington to be a contributor on The HuffPost as an expert on personal branding and marketing. She brings a unique combination of creative skill and business prowess to every project. Known for her ability to communicate complicated ideas simply, infectious laugh, and down to earth approach to life, Jen is a powerful thought leader in business. Never losing sight of her calling to encourage and uplift women in business at every stage of their career, Jen is a mentor to young women just starting out and a cheerleader to those ahead of her.

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