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Website not converting to leads? Social Media not working? Email list nonexistent? Let’s solve your most pressing marketing problems with simple solutions that make common sense.





As a former marketing executive for NASA at Kennedy Space Center, I learned what it takes to plan, create, and execute world-class marketing strategies.

As a consultant to business owners, I know that world-class results don’t require out-of-this-world budgets IF you understand the art and science behind what makes people buy.

In this coaching session, we will focus on how to immediately improve your brand awareness, increase website conversions, and attract prospective clients. Plus, you will receive an autographed copy of my latest book “Outsource Your Marketing.”


Working with a marketing coach is beneficial to get an outside perspective and to help you better understand barriers to your desired goals and success.

On our Marketing Review call we will focus on your strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats by reviewing your ideas or plan together.

Typically by understanding where improvement can be made, Business Owners can grow and achieve their goals.

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jen devore riChTer

Whether your goal is to attract new clients, sell more to your existing base, broaden your referrals, or elevate your influence so you land better opportunities, the path is the same. You need great marketing!

By matching your marketing to the way that people buy, and creating personality-driven and information-based marketing, you can tap into the best time in history for entrepreneurs.

Jen DeVore Richter has been featured on top shows and stages for direct response marketers including Dan Kennedy’s Magnetic Marketing stage, Video Marketing World, and ClickFunnels radio. With a background working for NASA at Kennedy Space Center and a master’s in business management, her career expands over several industries including television, advertising, speaking, and magazine publishing.

Jen works as an Outsourced Chief Marketing Officer (CMO), Marketing Consultant, and Speaker. Her new book “Outsource Your Marketing: Reach More Prospects, Scale Faster, and Work Less” is now available.

jen devore richter
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Jen has given us the guidance to position Steve Watrel and our firm as the go-to expert for Elder Abuse Cases. Our number of elder abuse cases has increased dramatically over the last year and half. Being known as The Nursing Home Abuse Legal Expert™ has also generated numerous referrals from other attorneys who do not specialize in this area or do not have the depth of experience that our firm has.
April Tapp
Marketing Manager
Jen DeVore Richter rocks! She distills down the wealth of business and marketing knowledge she has and delivers it in easy to understand steps for you to implement. Her no nonsense approach helps you craft your business into a well oiled machine that attracts your ideal client and allows you to focus on your passion. I highly recommend her coaching. It increases your revenue while improving your quality of life.
Jennifer Hanscom
Your systems are gold! A big head game for sure when we don’t feel like doing them. Big picture urgency thinking is a daily requirement. Thanks. I need this reminder AGAIN!
Gretchen Maurer
Great service! I highly recommend Jen. We’ve been burned in the past by others making big promises and then not delivering what they promised. Jen isn’t like that. On a scale of 1-10, I give her a 10.
Timothy E. Fee, MD


Most frequent questions and answers

Typically I prefer to Coach Business Owners with over $250,000 in annual revenue. However, for those entrepreneurs who are launching a business with a firm foundation, I’ve been able to help those entrepreneurs build a marketing system from scratch by helping them refine their ideas and plan their business model.

Anyone who is looking for a silver bullet approach to building a business. Effective marketing takes time, energy, and resources to do effectively.

We will meet via Zoom and review your social media approach, website, and any other front-end online marketing that is seen by the public. This call will be recorded only for your later use and if you need to share the findings with other decision-makers in your company.

Usually on the call we review:

  • How to approach social media using what’s working now
  • Improving website leads by using the Conversion Equation
  • An outsider’s perception of the look and feel of your online presence
  • Audience growth strategies
  • The online Buyer’s Journey
  • The topics may include: Content Marketing, Saving Money with Outsourcing, Market Dominating Position, Compelling Offers, Increase Prices, Upsell & Cross sell, Bundling, Downsell, Additional Products & Services, Drip Campaign, Alliances & Joint Ventures, More Leads, and Digital Marketing.


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