Publitas vs ISSUU – Which is best for interactive PDFs?

Publitas vs ISSUU
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If you’re self-publishing ebooks, PDFs, magazines, catalogs, or other digital books, there are two major players today that can host your files and convert them into interactive experiences: Publitas and ISSUU.

By interactive experiences, I mean:

  • turning a standard PDF into an online flipping book
  • clickable links
  • video interactivity
  • embed on your website
  • upsell free subscribers to a printed version

In this video, I compare Publitas and ISSUU to review two main areas (Pricing and Features), so you can make the best decision for your publishing business.

This is for beginner self-publishers, helpful in deciding where to host your first or next issue. 

Click the link to watch the video, and be sure to subscribe!

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