Publisher Reveals Top 3 Ways to Make Money With Magazines

How to Generate Revenue From Your Magazine

Making money with self-published magazines can be a powerful way to produce recurring passive income, create a list of buyers who are ready and willing to do more business with you, or grow an existing business through increased exposure.

In this video, you will learn the Top 3 Ways to make money with magazines so you can decide which business model is right for you. 

You will see:

  • how to plan for your first $4,000 in sales
  • what it takes to make your first $100,000 in annual recurring income
  • what type of person is typically successful with monetizing faster with less ramp-up time
  • 25 unusual ideas for generating more business from a self-published magazine
  • real-life examples with photos for proof of how I’ve leveraged my magazine in unique ways to land highly-coveted opportunities in the spotlight and more clients

It’s time to start thinking creatively about what is possible!