The Purpose Filled Business

A Marketing Podcast for Mission Driven Women in Business

This podcast serves women in business who want to mindfully grow their company without sacrificing freedom and fulfillment. As a business coach, author, and speaker, Jen shares proven strategies for attracting abundance in business and life so you can maximize your potential and have more to give without burning out.

Jen offers results based solutions for women who see business differently.

This show is for you if you know that God has a big plan for your life and you need a guide to show you the strategies to bring it to fruition.

Together, we will reinvent our lives, reenergize our businesses & reconnect to our purpose.purpose filled business podcast

Business Podcast: Just 7 minutes or less for the busy woman on the go!

Here’s what to expect:

  • Episode 1 – Giving Up Good On Paper
  • Episode 2 – Finding Your Why
  • Episode 3 – Leading With Your Values
  • Episode 4 – Share Your BOLD Vision
  • Episode 5 – Crafting Your Inspired Mission
  • Episode 6 – 5 Chords of Branding
  • Episode 7 – Communicating Your Values
  • Episode 8 – Designing Your Visual Style
  • Episode 9 – If Your Message Were a Movement
  • Episode 10 – Building a Brand Experience
  • and many more…

A new episode will be released each week, so stay tuned and share with your friends!

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