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Reach More Prospects, Scale Faster, and Work Less

Have you previously had bad experiences outsourcing your marketing because the people you hired failed to come through? Or maybe you’ve been burned by throwing money at over bloated ad agencies who over promised and under-delivered?

This book is a succinct and practical guide for succeeding at outsourcing marketing that goes beyond keeping up with trends and finally gets to the root of the problem: understanding how to delegate effectively.

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Who Is This Book For?

  • Founders & CEOs looking to scale their business but don’t want to hire an overbloated ad agency 
  • Business owners who invest in marketing services, but want to save time and money
  • Entrepreneurs who want to make better decisions when hiring marketing freelancers 
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What's Inside:

Outsourced Marketing System Flow

About Jen DeVore Richter

Jen is a former Marketing Executive for NASA at Kennedy Space Center turned Entrepreneur. She owns a magazine publishing company and serves as the spokesperson on YouTube’s #1 channel for “magazine publishing.” 

In 2019, she was awarded Innovator of the Year for Excellence in Business Coaching, beating out over 550 international experts. In 2022, she was granted the President’s Award by the National Speakers Association – Colorado.

She works as an Outsourced CMO for select clients and is supported by a team of tech and design professionals. She believes marketing matters and has helped her clients earn millions of dollars in revenue AND enjoy more freedom and purpose as entrepreneurs.

Benefits to be gained from Jen’s ideas:

  • build a world-class marketing process
  • create memorable offline and online experiences for buyers
  • automate menial marketing activities
  • enjoy more freedom and peace of mind
  • scale faster and keep more profits

Will your business be next?

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Delegate to Accelerate

The “Outsource Your Marketing” book gives entrepreneurs back the one thing they desire most: time to focus on what they love.

“Outsource Your Marketing” pulls back the curtain on how to create an Outsourced Marketing System™ that works while you sleep and shows you how to effectively find, hire, and manage tech and design professionals so you get more bang for your buck.


Read this book and unlock the power of an Outsourced Marketing System™.

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