New to Email Marketing? Here are 3 Tools You NEED

Email Marketing Strategy - How to Get Started

If you gave me $1 and I gave you $42 back, would that be a worthwhile investment?

The fact is that for every $1 you spend on email marketing, you can expect $42 back in revenue, according to reports from the Digital Marketing Association.

As a business owner, what’s holding you back from getting started and reaping the rewards?

In this video, you will learn the three essential tools you need to get started with email marketing today.

You will learn:

  • the #1 asset you need in place even before setting up your database
  • a major mistake to avoid when building your first list
  • how to start building your list even if you don’t have a lead magnet
  • how to stay out of trouble with the FTC and avoid being labeled a spammer
  • what you need in place before signing up for any tech or software
  • some surprising statistics about what people really think about getting emails from brands

Don’t let another day go by missing out on this brand and revenue-building marketing strategy! Time is of the essence!

Click the link to watch the video and subscribe on YouTube.

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