Meetings are Dead…the NEW Way to Manage Your Marketing Team

How I Manage My Team With No Meetings

An average meeting lasts 31 to 60 minutes. As a business owner, if you’re working with multiple marketing team members for social media management, website development, video editing, project management, graphic design, operations, and everything else, your focus and time can be quickly filled with hours of meetings every week!

What if there was a way to manage your team and crush your marketing goals without having meetings? Is this really possible??

In this video, you will learn my secrets for successfully managing a 100% remote marketing team of designers, developers, editors, and coordinators without meetings and by sending very few emails!

I’ll show you how to:

  • create a marketing machine that keeps costs low and productivity high
  • set your team members up for success by providing them with a few essential items before you start a project
  • turn technology from your foe into your friend when it comes to communicating with team members
  • the two tech tools every business owner should be using for communication if they have a team
  • manage a remote team without having meetings and sending very few emails
  • set up your marketing management process for maximum efficiency and great results
  • reduce errors and miscommunication on projects

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