Did you know THIS about your audience?

  • 70 percent of Americans would prefer to be self-employed, and a new home-based business is started every 12 seconds?
  • According to the US Department of Commerce- 99% of all new jobs in this country created in last decade were from self employed individuals.
  • One-third of everyone who works in the US are moonlighting. ⅓ of those are thinking of leaving their jobs.

Book Small Business Marketing Expert Jen DeVore Richter on Your Talk Show & Wow Your Audience

As a marketing expert for TV talk shows, radio shows, and podcasts, Jen will bring value to your audience by being relatable, conversational, transparent, lively, and fun. She doesn’t bore your audience with industry jargon.

Expert Topics for Media Interviews

  • challenges in small business ownership
  • how to build your dream business
  • overcoming obstacles in business
  • women in leadership
  • business marketing trends
  • how to leverage the internet to grow your business
  • social media, podcasting, book authorship for business growth

If you need a business expert to interview for your show:

Please call (904) 382-7255 to set up an expert interview with Jen for your TV talk show, podcast or radio broadcast.

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Media Mentions & Interviews

Testimonials from Media Professionals

“WOW! You did so good! You’re a natural on-air and look great on camera too. Great job, Jen!” – Eden Kendall, Co-host of River City LIVE TV

“You killed it today. Great meeting you! You shine bright.” – Rance Adams, Producer of River City LIVE TV