Marie Kondo: Boss Women Rock’s First Honorary Celebrity Member

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Why I’m Naming Marie Kondo the First Honorary Celebrity Member of Boss Women Rock

If you haven’t heard the name Marie Kondo by now, allow me to introduce you to the hottest celebrity in the home (and life) improvement industry.

Marie Kondo is taking over the airwaves with a hit reality show on Netflix and a book called “The Joy of Tidying Up: The Japanese Art of Decluttering and Organizing.” Marie is making waves on social media with legions of fans posting before and after photos of their closets and kitchen drawers using #mykonmari.

She’s so hot, Time magazine just named her one of the Top 100 Influential People!

“Identify the items you are using in this moment – and list what you love about each one. ” Marie Kondo

This post is my public declaration of making Marie Kondo the first honorary member of Boss Women Rock because she has seemingly gone from “Best-Kept Secret to Sought-After Expert” all while spreading light and joy around the world and making her mark on every soul who discovers her.

Here’s why Marie Kondo is a Boss Woman:

  1. Her entire brand is built around solving a problem: clutter and disorganization in the home leads to a messy life. She is teaching a transformational process to take her fans from having the life sucked out of them from having an overabundance of things in their spaces to feeling joyful and appreciative of every single object they keep.
  2. She has a branded process around this transformational experience called The Konmari Method which is an easy to follow 5 step process for discarding, categorizing, keeping, and organizing your belongings “in one go.” https://konmari.com/pages/about This branded process ensures others can replicate her method and get similar results.
  3. Since she has a branded process, she has developed a system to train other consultants to become officially certified creating another revenue stream and freeing her to work ON building her empire. Imagine how different her business would be if she would have built a business solely on her one-on-on client work. https://konmari.com/pages/consultants
  4. She is leveraging the power of “real media” including appearances on 50 major Japanese television and radio programs as well as in Time Magazine, The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, The London Times, Vogue Magazine, the Ellen Show, the Rachael Ray Show and many more.
  5. Her personal brand is consistent and impeccable in color, visual style, personality, and social media use. Even her clothes are a reflection of her brand with mostly white tops and patterned skirts in a modern, non-fussy style being her signature look.

So, what can you learn from Marie Kondo to build your business and brand?

  1. That becoming the “next big thing” in your industry is a process built on a system of leveraging your authority and being seen as a celebrity in “real media.”
  2. That you need to have a branded process to how you provide an outcome and transformation in other’s lives.
  3. That empires are built by scaling your business in a trainable format that others can implement.
  4. That personal branding is key and deserves your time, attention, and investment of resources.

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