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“You attract into your life what you desire and focus on.” This quote by Dan Kennedy became a real life manifestation for me on July 30 , 2020 when I stepped on stage at a Magnetic Marketing virtual seminar on magazine funnels as one of a handful of expert presenters on direct response marketing.

Before I get to that, let me set the background story…

In 2015, I was introduced to Dan and his NO BS style of marketing and business growth when I walked in the doors of one of his national conferences as an attendee. I must admit his gruff no-nonsense style was a bit intimidating to me at first. Dan isn’t as much concerned about your feelings and ideas as much as he is your results. He dishes out tough love instead of sugar coating what you need to hear. I’ve come to love and appreciate that about him and adopted some of his style as my own.

In 2017, at my second big conference for GKIC-NO BS Inner Circle, I started to picture myself on stage presenting my success to the community. It was a way to hold myself accountable for getting real results in my business.

Three years later, that vision became a reality.

Darin Spindler, the new face of Magnetic Marketing™ and my interviewer on stage this week, put it to me straight as we were reviewing show notes when he said, “I’m surprised by you. Dan has always said that women with hyphenated last names are usually repelled by him.”Darin Spindler and Dan Kennedy

I almost laughed as I smiled wryly. I realize I’m not the prototypical woman in business since I am the champion of the “Boss Women Rock” mission and a conservative capitalist at the same time. I love going against the grain.

The reason I was asked to present to the Magnetic Marketing™ member community is because I’ve created a simple yet effective marketing system called “The Magazine Funnel” that helps service professionals build their authority and their email list at the same time so they can monetize faster and without the headache that comes with setting up the tech.

I first built the system for myself and after getting jaw dropping results, created a done-for-you system for clients. Businesses in a variety of different industries are dominating their competition and making the phone ring with my industry leading magazine funnel process now.

I call it Instant Media Mogul™.

Here’s why I created the magazine funnel:

You need to build authority, but your fortune is in your list. Instead of wasting $20K to publish a book on Amazon and relinquishing access to the buyer list, a magazine funnel accomplishes both goals at a fraction of the cost and in about 1/10 of the amount of time.

Here are some of my clients who have benefited from a magazine funnel:

  • a data forensics company whose #1 source of leads (attending industry conferences) was eliminated due to COVID-19. In the first 60 days, they’ve generated 40 leads from their magazine funnel.
  • the leader of a Facebook group who had over 1,500 members, but not one email in her database and needed to sell out her conference and monetize her members. Mission accomplished. She also booked an interview with Jack Canfield from Chicken Soup for the Soul and put him on the cover of her magazine.
  • a famous YouTuber with over 50,000 subscribers who knows he needs to move his subscribers onto his email list if he wants to monetize his new virtual mastermind. The magazine funnel is his bridge to sell more to existing fans.
  • a female custom home builder who needed to dominate the “good ole’ boy network” in her city. Within 2 weeks of her magazine funnel launch, she booked a $400,000 project.
  • a new business coach who needed a way to get booked on stages so she could use speaking as her #1 lead generation strategy. In the same year she launched her magazine funnel, she was booked to speak Internationally and won “Innovator of the Year” for excellence in business coaching (yep- that was me!)
  • an endodontist who needed a way to generate referrals from the general dentists in his community.
  • A 60 year old family owned metal roofing company who has only ever relied on word of mouth and has generated 39 leads from online marketing since launching a magazine funnel. Their roofs are selling like crazy during an economic crisis.

Everything I preach, teach, and practice can be directly attributed to Dan Kennedy and what I’ve learned and implemented by being a student of Magnetic Marketing™. It was my great honor and privilege to share the stage with Dan.

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