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NASA-trained + Celeb-approved marketing expert
jen devore richter.

“Look no further! If you need a marketing expert as your keynote speaker, Jen is your girl!” – Karl Bryan, CEO Leader Publishing Worldwide

It’s Not Rocket Science: A Simpler Approach to Marketing

Most people think marketing is selling by any means necessary, which is a major turnoff to customers, overcomplicates the process, and cheapens it. But, really marketing is serving others well. It bridges the gap between people with problems and companies with solutions. You can make marketing simpler, more effective, and more fun if you look for people to serve and problems to solve. Available as a keynote. For deep dives into the six steps covered in the companion book, a breakout session is available.

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Addresses the overwhelm and confusion you are experiencing that results in time and money wasted

Puts into action a simpler way to think about and approach major marketing decisions resulting in clarity & confidence

Charts a new path to a brighter and more positive future as a marketing hero for your organization

As a former Marketing Executive for NASA who has worked with celebrity industry leaders, Jen knows what it takes to attract attention from cynical consumers and convert it into sales.
Attraction Marketing is the key to powerful sales campaigns that connect and convert backed by the tools that will empower your team to new levels of productivity.
In her latest presentation tailor-made for today’s marketing environment, Jen will shift your thinking, empower your team, and energize your company to new levels of marketing success.
Book Jen DeVore Richter for a Keynote Presentation on Marketing Productivity so you can create more impact with less legwork.

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