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keynote speaker for national conference

PRESS RELEASE – Jen DeVore Richter Featured Keynote Speaker Presents “Amplify Your Business” at National Conference for Small Business Owners

Event helps small business owners and franchise owners from national company 1800-BOARD-UP with elevating their marketing effectiveness using modern business growth strategies.

Charleston, SC – July 24, 2017 – Jen DeVore Richter, author, professional speaker, and expert in small business marketing and personal branding presented her signature keynote speaker presentation “Amplify Your Business” to a group of 110 company CEOs, owners, and marketing directors at the 1-800-BOARD-UP conference in Charleston, SC on Monday, July 24, 2017.

DeVore Richter presented her presentation “Amplify Your Business: The Rockstar Professional’s Blueprint for Marketing Success” which covers topics from her book and proprietary and proven blueprinted process for business growth success including:

  • Set the Stage – how to lay a solid foundation for business success
  • Produce Your Brand – how to sharpen your awareness & elevate your visibility
  • Design Your M.A.P – how to create a strategic (yet simple) 1-page Marketing Action Plan
  • Amplify Your Business – how to increase profitability through marketing systems
  • Rock Your Authority – how to use your expertise for good in your community & gains in your business

According to the meeting organizer, Erin Gordon, her presentation “received the highest reviews I have seen at 1800-BOARD-UP for keynote speakers!” Having known Jen as a business leader for many years, Erin was very pleased to have Jen speak.

About the Speaker:

Jen DeVore Richter is a business growth expert serving as the pioneer of the “Identity Revolution.” She is known as The Powerhouse Producer for Rising Influencers. She cures the identity crisis many have in business helping you claim your stage and transform into a purpose filled leader.

Her expertise in marketing and creative approach to business has culminated in the creation of the Rockstar Professional’s Blueprint™, which is a proven system she and her business partners developed over 4 years.

She has co-authored two books: Amplify Your Business: The Rockstar Professional’s Guide to Marketing Success as well as the Rockstar Professional’s 90 Day Action Planner. She is a Contributing Writer to the Huffington Post with featured articles on personal branding and small business marketing. Her podcast is available on iTunes. Jen is on a personal mission to encourage business owners to reinvent their lives, reenergize their businesses & reconnect to their purpose.

To book Jen as a keynote speaker for your event, please call (904) 428.8764 or click HERE for webform.


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