How To AVOID “Shiny Object Syndrome”

How to Avoid Internet Marketing Shiny Object Syndrome

Shiny object syndrome is when people focus on something current or trendy yet drop it as soon as something newer takes its place.

For business owners and marketers, this can put you on a hamster wheel that feels like you never gain traction on any one thing!

Shiny object syndrome could be as simple as jumping ship from one social media platform to the next or as complicated as giving up on one business model for a new one.

The repercussions of shiny object syndrome can lead to:

  • feeling disenchanted with mentors and coaches you’ve hired
  • not completing courses you’ve signed up for
  • thinking that your revenue goals will always be out of reach
  • never feeling fulfilled in your work
  • missing out on your true purpose in business

If you could benefit from some practical ideas on eliminating shiny object syndrome, this week’s video will be right on time!

You will see:

  • the one thing you MUST have to prevent shiny object syndrome on social media
  • my secret to creating more marketing content in less time
  • how to make more freedom in your business by implementing process 
  • what the “gurus” are dead WRONG about when it comes to getting started on social media marketing

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