Goal Setting Without the Overwhelm

jen devore on goal setting
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Have you been finding yourself a bit off track lately? 

Are you struggling with how much to expect of yourself and struggling with what to say “yes” to and what to say “no” to?

Let’s take a fresh look at ways to manage your life so you can achieve the goals you have without the overwhelm in an unpredictable world.

Today we’re going to talk about something a little different: goal setting without the overwhelm.

This is for you if you feel like your life is running you and you’re not running it.

This is not for you if you thrive in “hustle culture.”

It seems like the rules of life are changing on a daily basis which can throw us into a tailspin as we try to adapt.

As new opportunities come up, we may feel hesitant because we’re not sure if we should commit to something that may or may not be available to us when the time comes.

In these times, we need a “back to basics” approach to goal setting.

Here are some tips that may help:

Set a vision, but be flexible.

  • Take time to reflect on the bigger vision you’ve set for your life, but give yourself grace if you’ve not yet achieved everything you want.
  • Go for a quick win to motivate yourself and get your energy and excitement back. Instead of 90 days or a year out, set a goal for the next 30 days that can be used to recharge your emotional battery.
  • When you feel like you’re back to your normal self, get back to your long-term goals.

Take back control of your day.

  • Schedule time for spiritual growth, health, and key relationships.
  • Put “time off” on your calendar too.
  • Once those time blocks are in place it’s easier to focus on work and financial goals because you will be filled up energetically.
  • Put all activities on the calendar – time blocking. If something comes up simply move the task it bumped to a different day.
  • Take action on your vision, even if it’s small.

Plug energy leaks.

  • People
    • Set boundaries around the energy vampires in your business and life.
    • Improve communication with loved ones where there may be conflict.
  • Places
    • Take a look at your environment and rearrange it or redecorate it to be more inspiring to you.
  • Things
    • Media: the goal of the media is to create conflict because conflict is what drives eyeballs and eyeballs drive up advertising costs. Understand that the mainstream media is poison. Turn off the TV.
    • Social media can be a time suck and cause you to go down “comparison rabbit holes” that are unhealthy. Limit your screen time activity and watch your attitude and energy improve.

Please remember to take care of yourself as we move into the New Year.

To your success!


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