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I met Spiderman!

Well, I actually met the Marvel Comics Head Writer for the Spiderman comic books…

His name is Danny Fingeroth and he’s quite the celebrity in the world of all things Super Hero.

I was getting my picture taken with him on the red carpet of the GKIC Info Summit conference I attended recently in Cleveland.

As I stepped up to the backdrop to enjoy my photo op with him I reflected on something he shared with the audience just moments before…

“Be the star of your own life.” 

You know, we all have Unique Advantages (UA) that are like our super powers.

You may be able to write really well.

You may be an awesome organizer and planner.

You may have the gift of foresight and predicting.

You may have technical talent.

You may have emotional intelligence unmatched.

You may know when to scale a tall a building with a single leap.

Or you may know how to put the wonder in the mundane.

Regardless of what your super power is, it’s important to remember to stay focused on what makes you an original. Continue to focus on spending the majority of your efforts continuing to hone that super power.

If you do this, the success and the money will come…

If you feel bogged down by tasks that don’t let you express your inner Wonder Woman or Super Man, get that task off your plate faster than you can say “Bat Man.”

As Spider Man says, “Be the star of your own life.”

To your success,




Jen DeVore Richter

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