Email Marketing for Beginners – DOs and DON’Ts

Email Marketing for Beginners - DOs and DONs

There’s nothing worse than meeting someone at an event, handing them your business card, and the next day ending up on their spammy email list. yUcK! 

This happened to me recently when a well-known “influencer” in the speaking profession did this to me after sharing a stage with him at a conference. 

After immediately reporting his email address as “spam” due to the unwanted daily emails, I felt motivated to create this video to set the record straight about email marketing best practices for newbies or the uninformed.

Email marketing can feel like a big undertaking because of the technology and the fear of being seen as spammy or just not knowing what to send and how often to send it.

But, with a return on investment of making $32-46 for every $1 spent, if you’re not including email marketing, you’re missing out on significant gains!

In this video, I will shed light on some simple DOs and DON’Ts that will set you up for success and help you avoid wasting time and money or looking spammy.

In under six minutes, you will see how to:

  • ethically build an email list of interested prospects
  • avoid being perceived as “spammy” or “sales-y”
  • position yourself as a trusted advisor
  • minimize your chances of ending up in “email jail”
  • create a sending schedule when just getting started
  • and much more!

The biggest asset you have in your business is your LIST and reputation, so don’t let another day go by without taking action on this vital marketing strategy!

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