Does TikTok Work for Business Owners?

TikTok for business owners - does it work?

Thoughts from 6 months of posting on TikTok as a business owner:

Because I’m a big believer in trying new platforms, I started posting once per day since Oct. 2021.

One of my buddies Austin Armstrong who is a TikTok for business wiz convinced me after sharing that more people visited TikTok last year than visited Google. (This blows my mind!) BTW, Austin has an article in the most recent issue of my new Media Mogul magazine that goes deeper into this.

Here’s what I’ve learned:


✅ TikTok is generous with video views. I average around 15,000 views per month on what is a secondary platform for me.

✅ TikTok is a great platform to practice being on camera without having to worry about post-production editing or fancy backdrops like on YouTube.

✅ If you struggle to “find your voice” TikTok is a great place to try new things. I share stuff on TikTok that I don’t share anywhere else.

✅  It’s inspiring to see so many creative ideas in content creation. Plus, there are awesome TikTok coaches giving away strategies for free.

✅ You don’t have to dance. I have not danced on one video. You can still be successful by Answering Specific Questions (ASQ.)

✅ TikTok can be repurposed into vertical videos for YouTube shorts, Instagram reels, and Facebook stories.


❌ In my experience, one video per day is not enough. I’m increasing my output to 3 per day starting immediately.

❌ Like any new platform, you do need to understand what works. You can’t just throw up anything. You do need to be a consumer to truly understand the culture.

❌ TikTok is addicting. The algorithm is very smart in recognizing the type of content you like and feeding it to you. Beware!

These are just my thoughts. Your experience may be different, of course.

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