Do You Need a Social Media Marketing Agency?

Do You Need a Social Media Marketing Agency

Keeping up with social media marketing can feel overwhelming at times. When you feel frustrated your gut reaction may be to get it off your plate as fast as possible and outsource it to an agency. But, if you outsource social media marketing too soon, you may end up even more frustrated in the long run from a lack of return on investment.

In this video, I am sharing some of my secret strategies to have in place BEFORE hiring a social media agency or virtual assistant. These strategies will help you save time and money while avoiding paying for services that won’t help in the long run.

Plus, you will hear how to:

  • plan with the end in mind (more appointments and clients)
  • prioritize your time and energy
  • keep focused on content creation without overwhelm

Also, if you look closely around the 2:25-2:53 mark you will SEE how I move audience viewers off my videos and onto my email list by getting them to sign up for my pre-recorded webinar and onto my calendar without being sales-y. Pay close attention to what I DO and not just what I say.

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