Denver Business Coach

Denver Business Coach

Attention: Denver Business Owners, Coaches, Consultants, & Professional Service Entrepreneurs Who Are Serious About Gaining More Time and Money Freedom in Their Business

“Finally! The Truth About How To Grow Your Business Without Wasting Time and Money” from a Denver Business Coach

(So you DON’T have to sign up for yet another marketing course or attend another dead-end networking event ever AGAIN!)

  • increase my income
  • generate leads predictably
  • maximize every dollar I spend on marketing
  • free my time so I can focus on the people and causes I love

From: Jen DeVore Richter

RE: How to Generate More Leads and Close More Sales Without Spending a Dime on Advertising

Actionable advice from a Denver Business Coach

Dear Denver Business Owner,

If you want to attract new clients, make more money, and do it as quickly and as easily as possible, then this is the most important letter you’ll read all year.

Here’s how and why I can make you this promise… 

My name is Jen DeVore and I am a powerhouse when it comes to growing businesses.

Denver Business Coach

Jen DeVore Richter and SmartFem Media Group CEO Lea Woodford

I’ve built a million dollar earning company without investor funding or having to take out huge bank loans. I’m also a 4-time published book author, media expert seen on HuffPost, PBS Radio, ABC, CBS, NBC, and FOX, and a Contributing Writer to Six-Figure Coach Magazine.

Before I turned entrepreneur, I earned a Master’s in Business Management while working as a marketing executive for NASA at Kennedy Space Center. I’ve also developed marketing and sales strategies for ABC -TV and a Fortune 50 Pharma Company. 

I know what it takes to build business and I want to provide you with everything you need to grow your business successfully and scale it without wasting time and money

To me, there’s nothing worse than a bunch of fluff-filled marketing guru techno-babble that’s spouting off the latest tip, trick or tactic, only to leave you feeling overwhelmed, frustrated, and broke.

Like an investor on Shark Tank, I cut to the heart of the matter, tell it to you straight, and don’t pull any punches when it comes to getting results.

My clients and members are similar to me: we’re ambitious, results-oriented, driven, and on a mission to perform at the highest level of service.

In fact, here’s just the tip of the iceberg of what you get when you work with me, your Denver Business Coach.

* You’ll understand exactly why the BEST advertising for your business can be absolutely FREE if you have the right strategies.

* You’ll skip past all the mistakes and obstacles that stop MOST Denver business owners from succeeding saving valuable months or even years of time.

* You’ll know exactly how to build a six or even seven figure expert business – even without being a social media star or a tech expert.

* You’ll have a TON more fun marketing your business when you realize that the secret to success is NOT pushing your business on others, but PULLING them to you like a magnet.

* When you get your business set up for success, think about how good you’ll feel about yourself!

* When you get leads coming in, sales being closed, and profit going up, you’ll have time left over to truly enjoy all your hard work and spend time with those you love…or maybe just find more time to workout and take better care of yourself.

* And more…

This may sound too good to be true, and you don’t have to believe me, here’s what my clients have to say…

 “Working with Jen was such a fun and productive experience. Within 24 hours I made my entire investment back in closed new business too!” – April Caldwell, Money Coach

 “I’ve worked with amazing people over the years. Trusted some and learned that some I couldn’t. I invested tens of thousands of dollars in programs, coaches, masterminds, etc. with all promise and no results. Implementing Jen’s strategies along with her firm yet loving accountability have put me on a course beyond my wildest imagination – and I dream and achieve BIG. I am so blessed to have her in my life and I invite you – a business owner – if you are feeling any overwhelm and frustration in your business – to talk with Jen.”  

– Pamela Horton, HR Consultant

 “Jen is the real deal. I’ve wasted thousands of dollars on gurus, coaches, and consultants…all a waste of time. I met Jen and in 2 days learned more about how to market my business than all the other experts combined.” 

– Zelda Greenberg, Realtor-Broker 

“Jen was a pleasure to work with! She is super creative and knowledgeable. She opened my eyes to several time and money saving methods. I am seeing positive results from her coaching and feel that she is one of Jacksonville’s best kept secrets.” 

Takenya Lampkins, Fitness Center Owner

Ready to get started? Here’s What I’ve Got For You…

I have the unique ability to find ANY business owner $10,000 to $100,000 in hidden revenue opportunities in under 45 minutes. Guaranteed. On average, I find $88,000 in hidden revenue.

Put me to the test in your business. Schedule your $10K Challenge today.

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Jen DeVore Richter

Author Jen DeVore Richter

Jen DeVore Richter is the former head of advertising for NASA at Kennedy Space Center recently awarded "Innovator of the Year" for excellence in Business Coaching. She is a professional speaker on the topic of marketing as well as women in leadership. Jen is a Certified Platinum business coach globally recognized for her fluff-free, results oriented approach and mastery of direct response marketing messages.

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