If you are on this page, you are a CMO, Marketing VP, or business owner and are serious about reaching new clients, patients, or customers.

Welcome to the gift page. Please accept my free gift if you:

  • are an action taking CMO, Marketing VP, business owner, entrepreneur, or professional service provider (consultant, attorney, medical or wellness practice owner, broker, agent, or coach)
  • currently invest a minimum of $2,500 per month on marketing or consulting
  • believe that personal and business growth is important
  • want to make a bigger impact and spread your unique message
  • need to generate more leads and increase revenue without wasting time and money
  • want high impact, low cost marketing ideas that wow buyers
Free Gift for Business Owners Jen DeVore
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A Business Building Gift for CMOs, CEOs & Marketing VPs

The biggest gift I can give you is my unique ability to uncover the hidden revenue opportunities in your business. On average, in 45 minutes I can uncover your next $100,000 just by asking 5 simple questions about your existing marketing efforts.

Yes! I want the free gift to grow my business.
  • Gift 1: A 45 minute conversation where you put me to the test in your business to uncover hidden opportunities for business growth. Think of it as the best 45 minutes you’ll spend working on your business all year.
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  • Gift 3: A signed copy of the 1 Habit book.
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