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5 Ways to Promote Your Magazine on Social Media

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Building awareness of your self-published magazine can feel overwhelming if you’re just getting started.

How do you grow your subscriptions if you don’t have a big budget to invest in advertising, don’t have a big email list, and don’t have a big brand name built up just yet?

The answer is social media!

It’s free and with the right approach, can be very effective in helping you get to your first 1,000 subscribers.

In this video, you will learn 5 Ways to Promote Your Self-Published Magazine on Social Media including how to:

  • find the most overlooked place to promote 
  • 10x your social reach without advertising
  • turn selfies into increased awareness
  • tap into the most powerful type of social media content that could drive massive traffic
  • create the type of content that is easiest to make

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Real Life Examples of Successful Self-Published Magazines

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Is selling advertising the only way to make money with a self-published magazine? 

Can a magazine also benefit businesses that sell services?

What are the business possibilities for self-publishing magazines?

In this video, I’m sharing real-life examples from my actual clients to show you how they use magazines in a variety of business models that include:

  • generating over $40,000 monthly passive income from advertisers and sponsors
  • improving website visitor conversions to grow their email lists
  • selling more services to existing clients
  • landing better deals with high-value clients with money to spend
  • booking speaking engagements
  • filling conferences and workshops with quality people
  • making money with affiliate marketing
  • strengthening relationships with referral partners
  • owning their own media platform and avoiding social media censorship

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