How to Handle Ad Sales Objections

Handle Sales Objections Like a Pro!

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Knowing how to handle sales objections confidently is key to your success with sales.

Without the proper insights on handling sales objections, you will show up to sales calls feeling unsure of yourself. 

You will not feel confident when prospects have questions or push back, and you will lose business.

Fortunately, this is a problem that can be overcome quite easily with a little bit of preparation.

I’ve sold millions of dollars worth of services and learned a thing or two about handling sales objections with confidence. The key is to be prepared.

In this video, you will learn 3 insights into preparing for sales calls so you can handle objections and close more business.

In under five minutes, you will see:

  • the #1 strategy you need in place BEFORE you accept sales appointments
  • my favorite online tool for preparing for sales calls with strangers
  • the first question you should ask a prospect
  • how to differentiate yourself on a sales presentation
  • the 3 main types of sales objections nearly everyone faces
  • 8 of the most common objections prospects use to avoid buying
  • practical next step actions you need to take to close more business

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STOP Chasing Clients – Do This Instead

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In case you had illusions to the contrary, no one is sitting around hoping and praying that he will receive your sales letter. When it arrives, it is most likely an unwelcome pest. How do you earn your welcome as a guest? By immediately saying something that is recognized by the recipient as important and valuable and beneficial.” ― Dan S. Kennedy

If you’re not attracting your ideal, perfect people it’s probably because your message is coming across as spammy emails, unwanted business cards, or intrusive advertisements. The cure for this common problem is to STOP chasing clients and START being of value.

In this video, you will learn three key marketing strategies to implement that will help you get more business without feeling sales-y.

You’ll understand:

  • the first thing you need to work out before you spend a dime on marketing
  • the reason why the most successful companies dominate their competition (with two real life examples)
  • the story of how I gained instant industry authority with a brand new offer and caught the attention of a famous funnel CEO you have heard of
  • how luxury brands become irresistible despite being 10x the price and how to apply their secrets 
  • which type of marketing is expected to be the most invested by end of 2022

Don’t let another day go by with broken marketing!

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