low pressure sales tips

Low Pressure Sales Tips

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Picture this: you’re a business coach with a client who is a trauma therapist with a fledgling practice. She hires you because she desperately needs new clients in order to make a living, pay her employees, and keep the lights on. Plus, she really loves working with people and knows deep down inside that what she does makes a difference in the world.

On the other hand, the therapist has complete disdain for marketing and literally described the traditional process of generating leads “icky” because her clients are often in desperate situations dealing with very heavy and personal problems. She does not want to offend them in anyway or come across as “sales-y.”

The dilemma: how do you market a private practice led by a highly educated and respected professional without advertising, appearing to be an “ambulance chaser”, or offending anyone?


Boss Women Rock

Boss Women Rock

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Boss Women Rock: How to Cut the Overwhelm By Focusing on Just 5 Key Areas of Growing Your Business 

Keynote presentation created specifically for Women’s Conferences, Networking Groups, Businesses & Organizations with Business Leaders & Business Owner Groups

Did you know that business owners spend 80% of their time on tasks that DO NOT move their business forward? 

What if they knew that there were ONLY 5 AREAS of business that result in revenue growth AND they could predict the financial impact of these areas on their business?

Boss Women Rock™ empowers your audience to cut out the time and money wasters and shows them the 5 areas that really matter.

Keynote Speaker, Author, and Certified Magnetic Marketing Advisor Jen DeVore Richter shares the story of how she gave up a Fortune 500 career and a job at NASA to pursue her entrepreneurial dream. After a 15 year journey and building a seven-figure earning business, she’s now on a mission to empower women business owners to let go of what’s holding them back and finally get results.

Boss Women Rock™ is a movement, a mission, and a community.

Book Jen DeVore Richter to present to your women in business group, conference, or organization.

To check availability please email or call (904) 382-7255.

Marketing Consistency is Key in Brand Building

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The 3 Pillars of Marketing – Consistency is Key

Are you trying to build an audience for your brand and spread your message so that you can fulfill your purpose?

As business owners we find ourselves pulled in many different directions and it’s easy to lose track of the things that don’t produce immediate return on investment. When I first started my podcast, I had the goal of releasing an episode a week. I had all the best intentions and quickly realized that without a dedicated time on my calendar to release the podcast episodes my goal of releasing one a week was not being met.

purpose filled business

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Recently I was doing an interview with another business owner and she mentioned to me how much the podcast episodes have helped her and that they literally have changed her life in some ways. It was then that I realized the importance of keeping my message out in front of my audience and realized a more urgent need to get back on track and improve my consistency. So I’m telling you these lessons because not because I’m doing everything right but because they are lessons I’m learning along with you.

Make Time for Creating

There are basically two things that you need to improve consistency in your marketing. The first is dedicated time set aside to write and produce your content. So you should block off on your calendar for weeks in advance they set dedicated time and consider it an appointment with yourself and with your audience members that you must keep no matter what.

Use a Content Calendar

The other aspect of improving consistency in your marketing is to use a content calendar. A content calendar can help you pre-plan your content so that when it comes down to actually producing content you don’t have to think about what it is you’re going to say or write. It’s already been determined taking the guesswork out of it.

If everything is systemized you can outsource the production and ensure a quicker turnaround time. On a deeper level I think consistency in marketing is key because you have a message that you’re meant to share with the world and if you’re not consistent with spreading that message your audience will lose track of you. You will not be able to make the difference that you are intending to make.

Ensure Your Content Has a Consistent Standard

Brands are built on consistency in look, feel, and the way in which a message is delivered

If you’re trying to build a brand then you are going to need to pay more attention to being consistent with your message.

The mindset shift that this is going to require you to take is to move from a harvesting mindset to a planting seeds mindset. Making time to regularly share your message and connect with your audience may not have an immediate return on your investment of time but eventually it will pay off. Your message will be heard and your audience lives will be changed.

An action item that I would encourage you to take right now is to simply plan out your blog, social media, or podcast content for the next 12 weeks. Let’s start with small actions, because they can make a big impact.

Also I do have a free online training that I would like to give to you as a gift. Visit to download a free copy of the Rockstar Professionals Toolkit which has a blueprint to my branding process as well as a free guide and checklist.

Until next time.

God bless you!


know what you need

The 3 Pillars of Marketing – Knowing What You Need

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We will cover an important concept that allows you to make better business decisions so you can be a good steward of your finances and achieve your dreams through effective marketing.

In the last post we covered the Three Pillars of Marketing concept developed over the last four years by my partners and I at Boss Women Rock. You can learn more about it in detail on the previous post, so go back and check it out if you’d like to know more.

The Three Pillars Include Branding, Tools, and Marketing

Working with business owners, we began to see a pattern emerging over time. That pattern was that most businesses were failing because the owner did not have a plan for marketing. They were winging it so to speak. The three pillars of marketing was our way of explaining a very simple process for ensuring marketing success.

We were inspired to create The Three Pillars of Marketing approach because a lot of business owners would come to us and say that they needed one thing when in reality, upon close examination of the sales and buying process of their customer, client, or patient they really needed something else entirely.

Importance of Mapping Out Your Plan

In order to know what you need to spread your message and accomplish your goals, you need to map out the experience that your audience has with you and every touch point along that journey.

The first impressions they have with you will be reflected in your brand so ask yourself

When they visit your website and social media channels, is the branding consistent?

Is your branding of a high quality and professionally done?

Also when they take the next step to making a buying decision, what is that process like for them? The goal is to meet them where they are. Bring your message to them. It’s important for you to know what social media platforms they use, what media they watch, and how they consume information. For instance, do they prefer watching video over reading?

Getting Started

To get started on this process, you simply need to map out the exact experience from the customer standpoint and review your current tools based on their point of view.

See which items need to be replaced, which items need to be upgraded, and which new tools you may need.

Once you understand that then you can build the necessary tools. You will build platforms and systems that provide a great experience for them which in turn improves your return on investment.

Next is the marketing. The main question to answer here is: How can you provide massive amounts of value by providing informative and entertaining content?

The Shift in Marketing

There is a shift taking place in business today. People do not want to be sold to in the traditional ways of advertising. But they do want solutions to their problems. To provide value and attract your ideal clients in the new economy, think creatively about how you can engage your audience. Perhaps a podcast would use your talents, or write a book, start a blog, create a video series or host an event. Get your message out. Build community. Start a movement. Make a difference.

Women's leadership speaker Jen DeVore RicterWhy am I Telling You This?

Let me share a short story with you that demonstrates the power of providing valuable content.

I’ve been doing a lot of speaking this year. I am speaking at live events, on webinars, and even here on the podcast. By shifting my focus into sharing insights and providing value, my message has begun to attract a group of like-minded professionals who are making an impact in their industries and on the world too. We’ve created a community both online and in-person lifting each other up and working toward our goals. This community is instrumental in my personal and business growth.

By taking the time to really think about how I could best serve as a communicator of ideas and facilitator of community, I’ve received new opportunities and blessings in my business and life.

Shifting Your Mindset

Now, there is a mindset shift that needs to happen in order for this to work and it’s basically the principle of giving in order to gain. Give value to them in the way in which they want to receive it.

Consider This

From the book, Go-Giver, the authors Bob Burg and John David Mann say, “Your true worth is determined by how much more you give in value than you take in payment.”

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3 pillars to effective marketing

The 3 Pillars of Marketing – Importance of Having a Plan

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Keep Your Small Business From Failing with Effective Marketing

The fact that eight out of 10 businesses fail within the first 18 months is unacceptable to me. So I am on a mission to change that statistic and help you avoid falling into the trap of small business failure.

The 3-step system for ensuring that your business is on track for success

The Three Pillars of Marketing Approach

The Three Pillars of Marketing is a concept developed by my partners and I at Boss Women Rock over the last four years. Based on our combined 50 years of experience as marketing professionals, the last 12 years as entrepreneurs, and last 6 years as marketing consultants specifically working with small to medium-sized businesses, we began to see a pattern emerging. The pattern was that most businesses were failing because the owner did not have a plan for marketing. They were winging it so to speak.  The Three Pillars of Marketing was our way of explaining a very simple process for ensuring marketing success.

What are the Three Pillars of Marketing?


We were inspired to create the Three Pillars of Marketing because a lot of business owners would come to us and say that they needed a website. In fact I had one client who had a $20,000 budget for a website but what they lacked before that was a solid brand. The first pillar is branding. Your brand is the essence of your company, it’s the promise you make to your audience. If you don’t have that worked out, your website design will miss the mark. Jen Book Signing


The second pillar is tools. Once you have your brand established, are recognizable, consistent, and differentiated in your Market or industry, then it is safe to move forward with building out all of the various tools that you will need to attract the ideal customer. Your tools include your website, social media channels, sales funnels, books, advertising, public relations efforts, sales efforts, and every other way that you are investing in your business to purchase a new customer.


The third pillar in the Three Pillars of Marketing is marketing. After you have your brand established and all of the tools that you need for success, you can begin investing in marketing, in purchasing a new customer. And yes, you do need to invest in buying a customer. To begin, think about what your acquisitions may be, and what your acquisition costs per customer are. Do this by examining or knowing what the lifetime value of a new client is to you. You should have that number worked out so that you know how to determine your marketing budget. If it the value of a new customer to you is, for example $4,000 then you know that in order to get a good return on investment out of your marketing, you can invest quite a bit of money in attracting that new client. Usually in business the companies that are spending the most to acquire new customers are the ones that are successful.

Shifting Your Mindset

The Three Pillars Approach to marketing will be a very helpful tool but will require a shift in your mindset when it comes to marketing. Instead of feeling the urge to jump ahead and skip stage one branding, and to start building tools or spending money on marketing, you must do the preceding step. Doing this will require some patience on your part but if you follow the formula: branding first, tools second, and marketing last, your efforts will be much more effective and you will be able to spread your message, create your movement, and serve your true purpose.

Take Action

Simply take an 8.5 by 11 piece of paper.Purpose Filled Business

  1. Divide it into three columns.
  2. Write branding at the top of the left-hand side column.
  3. Write tools at the top of the middle column.
  4. Write marketing at the top of the right-hand column.
  5. Then in the left column you’re going to quickly write down all of the different elements that are in your brand.
  6. In the middle column, jot down all of the different tools that you’re using to do your marketing including your website, social media, email marketing system etc.,
  7. Lastly on the right hand side of the third column please write down all of the different ways in which you are communicating your message with your audience.

For now the goal is to begin retraining your brain using The Three Pillars of Marketing Approach.

We will have more to come in the short future!

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50 Marketing Secrets of Successful Women | Book Launch

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I am very pleased to be a part of the launch of Teen Hughes’ book 50 Marketing Secrets of Successful Women. Teena asked me to write a chapter for this book that is a compilation of some of the best ideas in marketing. My section on how to grow your audience with podcasting can be seen on pages 28-29.

About the Book 50 Marketing Secrets of Successful Women

A note from Teena

Women all over the world are starting their own businesses, which is a truly remarkable thing!50 marketing secrets of successful women

Their passion for their product or service is there in abundance, but sometimes it’s harder to get the message out than they originally thought, and “marketing” sounds too hard to achieve. In Australia, when we can’t do something right now, we say we’re putting it in “the Too Hard Basket”, and I think this is where a lot of people put their marketing.

In this book I have gathered 50 tips from amazing women around the planet who are happy to share their successful techniques. I am thrilled to be able to bring these two groups of women together – those having success with marketing, and those needing support with their marketing. It’s a match made in heaven!

Let’s ALL learn new and simple ways to boost our businesses!

Teena Hughes

To get your copy of 50 Marketing Secrets, please visit

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