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Planning the Perfect Magazine Cover Photo Shoot

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Planning your next magazine cover photo shoot? Before you step on set, watch this video!

Creating a successful photoshoot requires careful planning before hiring your photographer. As a former Certified Professional Photographer AND YouTube’s leading expert on magazine publishing, the insights I share are guaranteed to help you get the perfect shot. You will save hours of work and loads of money by getting it right.

Here’s what you will learn from this video:

  • 7 tips to getting the perfect shot even if this is your first or 50th cover
  • the #1 question to ask yourself before deciding who should be the cover model
  • the main priority every magazine cover should hit regardless of your topic
  • the two main types of covers photos all fall under and how to plan for each
  • important technical aspects to getting the perfect shot and avoiding costly mistakes
  • little known planning tips that most publishers overlook
  • the #1 secret to a successful magazine cover photo shoot

With careful planning, you can ensure your photoshoot is as successful as possible.

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The Harsh Truth About Magazine Self-Publishing

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The magazine self-publishing industry is a highly competitive one, with many entrepreneurs and a limited number of successful businesses.

Many people are telling you how to design an eye-catching magazine, but why do they keep getting the business side of publishing wrong?

Do you want to succeed in the publishing world? Watch this video!

You will see: 

  • why your subscriber list doesn’t grow
  • what’s holding you back from charging what you’re worth
  • how to overcome internal naysayers and self-doubt
  • who to turn to for support instead of the Negative Nancy in your life

You will learn the harsh truth about what it REALLY takes to make it as an independent publisher who wants to leverage a magazine to get new clients OR simply make money selling advertising.

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Is Canva’s AI Robot Better at Magazine Design Than Humans?

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Artificial intelligence (AI) is a hot topic right now.  You may have seen many of your Facebook friends uploading hyper-stylized selfies created using AI apps.

But did you know that content creators and marketers are using AI to generate copy on demand and even create graphic design and art?

By 2025, as many as 97 million people will work in the AI space, impacting nearly every industry. Source:

Which got me thinking: is the Canva AI robot better at magazine cover design than humans?

Yes, if you were just made aware, Canva has a text-to-image AI app built-in! It’s a brand-new feature, so you will want to check it out and stay in the know.

In this video, follow along on my journey as I demonstrate the new Canva AI text-to-image app and find out if the robot is better at magazine cover design than a human.