COVID-19 Small Business Impact

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Over the last 24 hours my text messages and email messages have tripled with business owners rightly concerned about COVID-19 and the impact it will have on their business.

What I’ve always known to be true is that the Free Enterprise system is the backbone of America. Without the economy thriving and business owners prospering, nothing else works. 

Although we may not be feeling the economic impact of Coronavirus just yet, it’s coming. Business will change. Relying on networking meetings and face to face sales may not be an option anymore as “social distancing” prevents that form of business.

I realize that I possess specialized information about attracting customers, clients, and patients that is needed now more than ever as “handshake marketing” takes a back seat and “attraction marketing” moves to the forefront.

I also realize that business owners are going to be counting every penny. It’s important to make smart marketing decisions that have high impact, but are low cost.

For that reason, I want to bring attention to the numerous ways I can support you if you are a business owner who is committed to growing VS going backwards and living in fear.

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I’m also opening up a special LIMITED TIME OFFER for a VIRTUAL MASTERMIND for successful business owners who are committed to doubling down on their business efforts.

A few topics we will cover in the weekly virtual mastermind:

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  • Which technology tools you need and which tools you don’t
  • Creating productized services and online programs
  • Thought leadership and free PR leveraging the media (TV, radio, podcasts, etc.)

Members will also receive access to my e-Learning system with a $1MILLION ad library of “swipe and deploy” proven campaigns you can use in your business copyright free. (This alone is a $12,000 value.)

  • This mastermind will be offered on a tiered pricing strategy so your investment only grows as your business grows. You can cancel anytime. 
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  • All mastermind members will be asked to sign a Privacy Promise.
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The COVID-19 Small Business Impact can be controlled with thoughtful, strategic decisions and high impact, low cost marketing.

Now is not the time to cower in fear. Now is the time to step up to the challenge. Your family, city, state, and country depend on you.

To your success,

Jen DeVore Richter