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Cherry Creek Business Growth Depends on Effective Strategies for Business Owners

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Cherry Creek business owners are enjoying the benefits of being based in a “magnet for commercial activity” according to the Denver Business Journal.


However, they are not immune to the challenges that all small business owners face across the country, namely generating enough customers, clients, and patients to sustain growth and planning for profitability.

Cherry Creek health providers, advisors, restaurateurs, practice owners, shop owners, and office owners can all benefit from proven, effective marketing strategies that produce real results.

Cherry Creek Business Coach Jen DeVore Richter

Cherry Creek Business Coach Jen DeVore Richter

Here are a few key strategies that all businesses should adopt in order to grow revenue:

  • Tip #1 – ensure your business has a Market Dominating Position statement. For example, Domino’s Pizza built a billion dollar empire on one sentence: hot, fresh pizza delivered in 30 minutes or less. Guaranteed. What is the valuable advantage your company has over your competition that your customers, clients, or patients care about?
  • Tip #2- price your products and service for profit, not based on what the competition is charging. Use bundled pricing strategies to offer more value. Today’s savvy consumer is looking for the best value. Value doesn’t mean that they’re looking for the cheapest price. Packaging products and services together to provide more value is a powerful way to sell more without discounting.
  • Tip #3- as the business owner, make marketing your #1 responsibility. Don’t fall for the trap of working “in” the business, and not “on” the business. Many entrepreneurs suffer from burnout and stress from juggling it all. But the most important priority for any business owner to focus on is where the next customer, client, or patient is going to come from.

Facts are facts. If Cherry Creek business owners are going to thrive, more education and empowerment around how to drive revenue is needed.

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Top Denver Business Coach

Jen DeVore Richter Wins “Innovator of the Year” Global Award for Excellence in Business Coaching at International Conference in Cancun, Mexico

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Karl Bryan, Chairman of Leader Publishing Worldwide presented Jen DeVore Richter with the prestigious award selecting her as the winner from over 700+ business coaches around the world.

Karl Bryan, Chairman of Leader Publishing Worldwide presented Jen DeVore Richter with Innovator of the Year Award 2019 in Cancun, Mexico

She was also presented with an International Speaker award on the subject of sales and marketing.

Bryan said, “Jen knocked it out of the park. I now know why NASA hired her. She is the most innovative and creative speaker and had every person on their feet. If you’re looking for a speaker, don’t look any further. Jen DeVore is your choice. She’s amazing.” 

Conference participant Stacey Saville said,Very insightful … Willing to share to help people succeed … Jen is dynamic and holds her audience’s attention without even trying … she knows her stuff and shares from experience that is real … if you need someone to energise and motivate your room, Jen is the one to ask … Hands down!”

Dennis Hohman said, “Jen DeVore Richter hit the ball out of the park yesterday. She killed it! Totally elite!”

Dennis Murphy commented, “You rocked it Jen! It was an honor to learn from you!”

Pamela Heath remarked, “Well deserved! Just loved your presentation! You rock the house!”

Event co-organizer Adrian Ulsh commented, “Jen not only knocked her presentation out of the park, she destroyed it. She appeared as the favorite on more than 80% of the feedback forms we received. For those of you that acquire the videos of the conference, you’re in for a treat. The information Jen shared paid back double the cost of the event for any coach that applies her training. EXCELLENT job as always Jen.”


Jen’s work as a consultant, coach, and speaker focuses on: “High Impact, Low Cost Marketing Ideas That Wow Buyers”

The question she explores is “How do you match your marketing to the way people buy?”

According to DeVore, this is the million dollar question that must be explored if you want to cut through the clutter of “status quo” marketing and create a rocket ship that can launch sales and grow revenue.

Her aim: to shift your thinking, empower your team, and energize your company to new levels of marketing success with a presentation customized to fit your unique goals and desired outcomes.

Through her candid, concise, and fluff-free approach, you will understand how to:

  • design a world class marketing & sales development process
  • create memorable offline and online experiences for buyers
  • automate menial marketing activities

To hire Jen as a consultant, program speaker or trainer for your organization, please call (904) 382-7255 or click HERE for webform.

The Best Way to Get Leads for Denver Small Business

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Do you know for sure how many leads your website generates every month?

Do you know for sure how many sales your website produces every month?
Can I show you why your website isn’t generating leads or closing sales for you?

In fact, would you like for me to give you the deeply hidden secrets that the marketing guru’s DON’T want you to know?

The Best Way to Get Leads for Denver Small Business

Here’s the key to successful marketing. You MUST be able to enter the conversation taking place in the head of your prospects. Or another way to look at it is to be able to address the number one question on your prospects mind at just the right time.

So how do you do this? It’s actually quite simple when you know and understand the fundamentals of marketing.

The conversation that’s taking place in EVERY prospect’s mind revolves around two major points. There’s a problem they have and they don’t want… and there’s a result they want but don’t have.

Now believe it or not, there is actually a marketing formula we follow that takes these two points into account… and spits out a message so compelling it practically forces your prospects to buy what you sell.

It’s called the Conversion Equation, and it looks like this… Interrupt, Engage, Educate and Offer.

The Interrupt is your headline – which means it’s the first thing someone sees when they visit your website, read any of your marketing collateral… or hear you speak. When someone asks you what you do, it’s the first words out of your mouth. That’s your headline… and it MUST address the problem your prospects have that they don’t want.

The Engage is your subheadline – which is the second thing your prospects see or hear. It MUST address the result your prospect wants but doesn’t have.

The Educate is the information you provide… either verbally or in writing… that presents evidence to your prospects that you and your product or service are superior in every way to your competition.

Unfortunately, MOST businesses aren’t different from their competitors, and that’s why you MUST innovate your business to create what we refer to as a market-dominating position.Best Way to Get Leads Denver Small Business

You MUST make your business unique… it MUST stand out from the crowd. It MUST make your prospects say to themselves that they would be absolute idiots to buy from anyone else but you – regardless of price. And finally, the Offer. You MUST create a compelling offer that makes it so irresistible your prospects can’t turn it down. But here’s another critical fundamental of marketing.

Because of the saturation of marketing messaging these days, most prospects have become numb to most marketing. Following our Conversion Equation can dramatically overcome this, but even with this powerful tool in play, it will still take multiple “touch” points before your prospects will buy what you sell.

For most businesses today, it takes anywhere from 20 to more than 100 touch points before a prospect makes their buying decision. Following the Conversion Equation reduces the touch points to somewhere between 5 to 12 points of contact.

But here’s the key… most businesses don’t follow up with their prospects at all, and this provides a HUGE window of opportunity for ANY business that does follow up… to position themselves as the dominant force in their industry.

But in order to have the opportunity to get your message in front of your prospects 5 to 12 times, you MUST find a way to collect their contact information, and that’s the purpose of your Offer.

Most businesses offer something that only appeals to prospects we call NOW buyers… prospects ready to make an immediate purchase. Unfortunately, NOW buyers make up less than 1% of the total number of prospects that are in the market to buy what you sell.

These businesses typically offer prospects a free consultation, a discount, a coupon, a free assessment, a complimentary quote… or the biggest mistake of all… CALL US!

For most businesses, all of their marketing material… their website… their business card… all list their phone number as their sole offer… and that ONLY appeals to that 1% of NOW buyers. The remaining 99% of viable prospects are “investigating” and gathering information about what you sell.

They’re searching for information because they want to determine who is offering the best value. You see, prospects DON’T shop price – they shop VALUE!

The only reason prospects consider price is that most businesses don’t give them any other value proposition to consider except price.

Remember what I said a moment ago about making your business unique – creating a market-dominating position?
Most businesses don’t do that, and since they… and all of their competitors… look exactly the same, prospects are FORCED to shop price.

Turn your website into a lead generating machine. Download the free book to see exactly how to do it: jendevore.com

Free marketing ideas denver jendevore.com

Free Marketing Ideas for Small Business in Denver

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Frustrated with paying 100s or 1000s of dollars yet getting non-existent results from your marketing and advertising?

Learn the 5-step conversion process that even so-called “high-end” ad agencies are clueless about with Free Marketing Ideas for Small Business in Denver.

Denver business owners have limited cash available to put towards marketing, yet nine times out of 10 get no return on their marketing spend because they have no training or knowledge of the fundamentals of customer psychology.

marketing cartoon

Understand your customers for effective marketing

What if YOU could dramatically increase your lead flow AT WILL without spending a penny on marketing or advertising just by matching your marketing to the way people buy?

This is the million dollar question that must be explored if you want to cut through the clutter of “status quo” marketing and create a rocket ship that can launch sales and grow revenue.

Free Marketing Ideas for Small Business in Denver

As a former Marketing Executive for NASA who has worked with industry leaders including The Ritz-Carlton, Wyeth Pharmaceuticals, and ABC-TV, I know what it takes to attract attention from your ideal, perfect people and convert it into measurable results and sales.

I would like to give you a free book on the attraction marketing fundamentals that you can use immediately to turn your marketing and business around.

Download my highly acclaimed, free book “Sales and Marketing Secrets to Uncover $100K in 45 Minutes.”


Warning! This ebook will show you How To Generate More Leads with NO additional marketing spend… even if you have ZERO marketing experience or hate writing your own ads.”

Register for the free ebook now >>>https://jendevore.com

Jen DeVore NASA speaker

Million Dollar Marketing Lessons from NASA

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Million Dollar Marketing Lessons from One of the Biggest Global Brands -NASA

Jen DeVore Richter wants to change the way you think about marketing and she’s got top insights from managing one of the world’s largest brands – NASA at Kennedy Space Center.Jen DeVore with space shuttle

From 1981 to 2011, Kennedy Space Center was center stage in the world launching 135 space shuttles, deploying the first satellites, International Space Station, Hubble Space Telescope, and many other missions that still impact our lives here on earth today.

You can thank NASA for spin-off technology like invisible braces, Nike shoes, memory foam, Cochlear implants, and even baby formula.

At the height of NASA’s space shuttle journeys in 1999, Jen DeVore Richter was selected to spearhead Advertising and Consumer Research at Kennedy Space Center to ensure that the NASA story was spread worldwide and that the benefits of supporting the space program were understood at home in the USA and abroad. All this was being accomplished while ensuring maximum return on investment and results for the paid advertising budget as NASA moved into the new millennium.

Some of Jen’s duties were lobbying Congress in Washington DC, managing a multi-million dollar advertising campaign budget, and directing consumer research activities on site managing a small team that interviewed millions of visitors that walked through the gates of Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex each year.

She says, “Working at Kennedy Space Center as a Marketing Executive was my ‘If I can make it here, I can make it anywhere’ job.”

After a three year stint in top management at KSC, Jen learned many valuable lessons about managing global brands that are applicable to any business on earth (or the universe for that matter.)

Lesson One: Stay Relevant

NASA is hip. 

Jen DeVore NASA speaker

Jen DeVore on set for a TV commercial for Kennedy Space Center

Just walk into any Target in America and you’ll see entire clothing sections dedicated to the NASA brand with t-shirts emblazoned with the NASA logo and pictures of space shuttle launches.

While some Americans would probably think that NASA ‘went out of business’ when they quit launching space shuttles in 2012, it appears that the space program is alive and well with the recent SpaceX rocket stirring up renewed media and public interest.

American Girl doll recently released a new spacesuited astronaut doll that little girls across the country are loving.

NASA has been a popular theme, setting, or topic for Hollywood movies with older blockbusters like Armageddon and newer releases like The Martian with Matt Damon.

In fact, the movie premiere of Armageddon peaked Jen’s interest in working at NASA back in 1998.

“I saw the movie premiere on Entertainment Tonight and decided that is where I want to work. So, I made it happen,” said Jen DeVore Richter.

A marketing lesson that business owners can learn from NASA is to stay relevant with strategic partnerships.

NASA is brilliant about managing promotional relationships with popular brands like Target, American Girl, and leverages the visually wonder-filled Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex as the site for movie premieres, space themed VIP parties, and events like book signings for retired astronauts.

They are always mindful of joint venture partnerships with companies and brands that can continue the NASA mission:

NASA’s current and future Earth missions use the vantage point of space to understand and explore our home planet, improve lives and safeguard our future. NASA brings together technology, science, and unique global Earth observations to provide societal benefits and strengthen our nation.

If a more culturally popular brand can help them achieve that mission, then it’s a win-win for everyone.

Lesson Two: Research Comes First

During Jen’s time as Manager of Advertising and Consumer Research at Kennedy Space Center, one of the key priorities was using research to make decisions about marketing.

Nearly every day of the year, there was a small team of 2-3 researchers on-site to ask questions of the visitors who travelled from across the globe.

They would conduct short interviews to learn about where they lived, why they visited, how they made the decision to visit, and how likely they were to return or recommend KSCVC to a friend among other things.

By collecting the team’s data and analyzing it, Jen could make better decisions about where to run tv advertisements, what to say in the commercials, and who to direct their budgets toward.

Surprisingly, Jacksonville, FL residents had the “highest propensity to visit” due to its strong military roots. Without having the data to tell them where their visitors were coming from, marketing budgets would be wasted.

Using research and talking to guests every day of the week, helped craft compelling messages and resulted in highly targeted and effective campaigns making KSCVC one of Florida’s Top 5 most visited tourist attractions only after Disney, Sea World, Universal Studios, and Busch Gardens.

Lesson Three: Play to Your Strengths

Jen DeVore with Astronaut Wally Schirra

Competing in a top tourist destination with the hospitality industry’s champion (Walt Disney World) is no small feat.

Convincing Orlando tourists to break away from “the mouse” for a day and go on what appears to be an educational field trip, is a huge marketing challenge.

One thing that NASA at Kennedy Space Center doesn’t do is try to be something they’re not.

They hold true to the unique story of human space flight and present it in an entertaining and engaging manner without gimmicks.

They attract the right audience by playing on themes of human adventure, global exploration, and inspiring young minds to think bigger. 

Meeting a real astronaut is a possibility for visitors every day at Kennedy Space Center. They leverage the power of their astronaut-celebrities to entice new visitors through the gates.

Jen was on the launch team of the “Lunch With An Astronaut” program in 2001 and its popularity is still rising.

Effective Marketing Can Take Your Business to the Moon

In conclusion, staying relevant through strategic partnerships, putting research first, and leveraging your strengths are 3 key million dollar marketing lessons that any business can learn from NASA.

Look for strategic partnerships that can help you achieve your mission and build your audience, use research to know what makes your clients, customers, patients, or visitors tick, and play to your unique strengths including celebrity relationships, star power, or your unique story.

About Jen DeVore Richter

Jen DeVore Richter is a former NASA marketing executive at Kennedy Space Center turned entrepreneur.top women in business speaker jen devore

She is the CEO & Founder of Boss Women Rock, which helps women in business reach new levels of authority and profitability.

Boss Women Rock community members hail from across the United States and international countries.

Jen is a multi-published author and professional keynote speaker.  She is the Editor in Chief of Boss Women Rock™ magazine and host of the iTunes podcast which features entrepreneurial celebrity guests like Loral Langemeier from The Secret.

She is a media contributor frequently appearing on TV and radio including PBS, HuffPost, NBC, ABC, FOX, and CBS.

Jen’s fourth book Boss Women Rock: How to Go From Best Kept Secret to Sought After Expert is now available on Amazon.

Learn more about having Jen speak at your next business growth or leadership event at www.jendevore.rocks


Denver Business Coach

Denver Business Coach

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Attention: Denver Business Owners, Coaches, Consultants, & Professional Service Entrepreneurs Who Are Serious About Gaining More Time and Money Freedom in Their Business

“Finally! The Truth About How To Grow Your Business Without Wasting Time and Money” from a Denver Business Coach

(So you DON’T have to sign up for yet another marketing course or attend another dead-end networking event ever AGAIN!)

  • increase my income
  • generate leads predictably
  • maximize every dollar I spend on marketing
  • free my time so I can focus on the people and causes I love

From: Jen DeVore Richter

RE: How to Generate More Leads and Close More Sales Without Spending a Dime on Advertising

Actionable advice from a Denver Business Coach

Dear Denver Business Owner,

If you want to attract new clients, make more money, and do it as quickly and as easily as possible, then this is the most important letter you’ll read all year.

Here’s how and why I can make you this promise… 

My name is Jen DeVore and I am a powerhouse when it comes to growing businesses.

Denver Business Coach

Jen DeVore Richter and SmartFem Media Group CEO Lea Woodford

I’ve built a million dollar earning company without investor funding or having to take out huge bank loans. I’m also a 4-time published book author, media expert seen on HuffPost, PBS Radio, ABC, CBS, NBC, and FOX, and a Contributing Writer to Six-Figure Coach Magazine.

Before I turned entrepreneur, I earned a Master’s in Business Management while working as a marketing executive for NASA at Kennedy Space Center. I’ve also developed marketing and sales strategies for ABC -TV and a Fortune 50 Pharma Company. 

I know what it takes to build business and I want to provide you with everything you need to grow your business successfully and scale it without wasting time and money

To me, there’s nothing worse than a bunch of fluff-filled marketing guru techno-babble that’s spouting off the latest tip, trick or tactic, only to leave you feeling overwhelmed, frustrated, and broke.

Like an investor on Shark Tank, I cut to the heart of the matter, tell it to you straight, and don’t pull any punches when it comes to getting results.

My clients and members are similar to me: we’re ambitious, results-oriented, driven, and on a mission to perform at the highest level of service.

In fact, here’s just the tip of the iceberg of what you get when you work with me, your Denver Business Coach.

* You’ll understand exactly why the BEST advertising for your business can be absolutely FREE if you have the right strategies.

* You’ll skip past all the mistakes and obstacles that stop MOST Denver business owners from succeeding saving valuable months or even years of time.

* You’ll know exactly how to build a six or even seven figure expert business – even without being a social media star or a tech expert.

* You’ll have a TON more fun marketing your business when you realize that the secret to success is NOT pushing your business on others, but PULLING them to you like a magnet.

* When you get your business set up for success, think about how good you’ll feel about yourself!

* When you get leads coming in, sales being closed, and profit going up, you’ll have time left over to truly enjoy all your hard work and spend time with those you love…or maybe just find more time to workout and take better care of yourself.

* And more…

This may sound too good to be true, and you don’t have to believe me, here’s what my clients have to say…

 “Working with Jen was such a fun and productive experience. Within 24 hours I made my entire investment back in closed new business too!” – April Caldwell, Money Coach

 “I’ve worked with amazing people over the years. Trusted some and learned that some I couldn’t. I invested tens of thousands of dollars in programs, coaches, masterminds, etc. with all promise and no results. Implementing Jen’s strategies along with her firm yet loving accountability have put me on a course beyond my wildest imagination – and I dream and achieve BIG. I am so blessed to have her in my life and I invite you – a business owner – if you are feeling any overwhelm and frustration in your business – to talk with Jen.”  

– Pamela Horton, HR Consultant

 “Jen is the real deal. I’ve wasted thousands of dollars on gurus, coaches, and consultants…all a waste of time. I met Jen and in 2 days learned more about how to market my business than all the other experts combined.” 

– Zelda Greenberg, Realtor-Broker 

“Jen was a pleasure to work with! She is super creative and knowledgeable. She opened my eyes to several time and money saving methods. I am seeing positive results from her coaching and feel that she is one of Jacksonville’s best kept secrets.” 

Takenya Lampkins, Fitness Center Owner

Ready to get started? Here’s What I’ve Got For You…

I have the unique ability to find ANY business owner $10,000 to $100,000 in hidden revenue opportunities in under 45 minutes. Guaranteed. On average, I find $88,000 in hidden revenue.

Put me to the test in your business. Schedule your $10K Challenge today.

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SmartFem Summit Opening Keynote Speaker

SmartFem Summit – Opening Keynote Speaker 2019 – Jen DeVore Richter

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The future depends on speakers and authors to spread ideas and messages and lead the way as change makers.

Speakers and Authors are the change makers in our world, not the politicians and talking heads.

You lift others up, help them see new possibilities and one person at a time, leave an indelible mark on their lives.

Now more than ever, people need truth tellers and difference makers to shine their lights on darkness.

People need YOU.

But, the harsh reality is that the speaking and book business is changing…sometimes faster than we can keep up and getting paid handsomely as a speaker/author is getting tougher and tougher.

Reasons for this include the fact that speakers and authors are not immune to the small business obstacles all entrepreneurs face and we are not sheltered from the facts that the average business owner only makes $42,000 and is more likely to fail then to succeed.

But, we will not concede! Today we begin a new movement.

Today we recognize that speaking is no longer the job description. It is a skill requirement for the Entrepreneur.

Today we recognize that speakers are CEOs in the Influence Business.

My goal from the SmartFem Summit Opening Keynote Presentation was to share that:

  1. Productizing your speaking business is the ONLY way to build profit.
  2. You must follow a profit process to do this effectively.

My promise was to only share what has worked for me personally, but the concept of productizing is a fundamental business success principle first brought to light by Michael E. Gerber in his infamous book The E-Myth.

“If your business depends on you, you don’t own a business—you have a job.” -Michael E. Gerber

Rising Influencers Guide

My aim was to dispel the following myths:

Myth #1: Typical business model is wait to get hired to speak and then get paid.

Myth #2: Productizing is about your love of the money.

Myth #3: Sell low value/low ticket products and build complicated sales funnels to move people up the ladder.

If you were unable to attend the SmartFem Summit or did attend and would like more information on EXACTLY how to avoid the trap of low profit and being underpaid, I’ve got a free gift for you below.

Click the link to download a FREE 17-page Marketing & Monetization Guide.

YES! Send me the Marketing & Monetization Guide
SmartFem Summit Keynote Speaker

SmartFem Summit Opening Keynote Speaker Jen DeVore Richter

VIP Party – All SmartFem Speakers

Jen DeVore Richter and SmartFem Media Group CEO Lea Woodford

Jen at VIP Party at Elite Flight Jets


top female CEO speaker jen devore

Top Female CEO Speaker

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Bring in a Top Female CEO Speaker for your women in business association, group, or organization.

Now more than ever, women are embracing the boss woman in themselves and are searching for inspiring and empowering top female CEO speakers to ignite their training events and programs.

Jen DeVore Richter, CEO & Founder of Boss Women Rock™ delivers on this promise.

The mantra “I can do ALL things” is a powerful message women in business need to hear backed by actionable insights they can use immediately to improve their odds of success, elevate their confidence, and reignite their spirit.

Jen is an energetic and fun speaker for company’s that value female executives and recognize that businesses with women in decision making roles also are more productive and profitable.

She infuses storytelling, humor, actionable insights, and inspiration to deliver the message.

My name is Jen DeVore RichterTop Female CEO Speaker - Boss Women Rock

I’m leading a women’s business revolution called Boss Women Rock™.

We don’t rely on the status quo to achieve our dreams, and we don’t even have goals to go build typical versions of success either. In fact, our motivation is the exact opposite. We have a message that we KNOW can change people’s lives.

Because we’re fighting against the bad information we’ve been told, and sold an impossible story about what it means to be a business owner, we have to do things differently. We have to do things smarter.

We don’t have backup plans. Every step we take is with our own risk and out of a comfort zone. We have to be all-in from day number one. So how do we do that? How is that even possible?

If you asked the suits on Fifth Avenue or Wall Street, they’d tell you that what we’re doing can’t be done. They’d say it’s impossible to make money and make a difference.

Yet it’s happening, every single day by regular women like you and me. It’s happening through the art and science that we call Attraction Marketing.

We are Boss Women Rock and our time is now!

To inquire about your upcoming date and check Jen’s availability, please call (904) 382-7255 or reach out via the Contact Form.