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Leading Business Breakthrough Specialist in Jacksonville, FL Serving Clients in the US and Abroad

If you are feeling frustrated by the lack of consistent and predictable income in your expert business, this program is for you. You will learn how to build your business in less time without spending a fortune so that you can enjoy more income, influence, and impact. If you are a business coach, life coach, health coach, consultant, or service based professional, business breakthrough specialist Jen DeVore Richter can help you in less time than traditional coaching.

Jen will break down her proven process for building the back-end of your business and monetizing FAST. If you desire high-ticket consulting clients, a profitable group coaching model, or seek to generate more income for your service based professional business, this program is for you.

Business Breakthrough SpecialistJen DeVore Richter is known as The Powerhouse Producer for Rising Influencers™

Using her proprietary Rising Influencer Profit Process™, Jen’s clients gain a clear path to profitability in less time.

In under 45 minutes, Jen can deliver a business breakthrough outlining exactly how your business could reach your revenue goals without spending more.

In under 30 days, Jen and her team can put your business on a path to profitability through our done for you Rising Influencer Profit Plan™.

“Jen, before hiring you I felt like I had no control over the money in my business. I didn’t really know what I should and should not do to grow. Now I am in complete control and actually enjoying the process. Plus, we’re measuring our results everyday. Putting profit first and focusing on pricing has enabled us to generate more cash flow faster. It’s only been a couple days and I see the difference financially! Plus, the strategies you created for me to generate leads are going to be really fun.” – Ana Stauch

Our rally cry at Boss Women Rock is “Because Your Message is Powered By Profit.”

If you are frustrated from not being able to spread your message and shine your light because your business isn’t reaching its profitability potential, then this your call to arms.

We invite you to make a change starting today, starting now.

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Jen DeVore Richter is a speaker, author and seasoned business owner personally invited by Arianna Huffington to be a contributor on The HuffPost as an expert on personal branding and marketing. She brings a unique combination of creative skill and business prowess to every project. Known for her ability to communicate complicated ideas simply, infectious laugh, and down to earth approach to life, Jen is a powerful thought leader in business. Never losing sight of her calling to encourage and uplift women in business at every stage of their career, Jen is a mentor to young women just starting out and a cheerleader to those ahead of her.

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