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3 Key Strategies to Monetizing a Self-Published Magazine

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Are you a self-publishing entrepreneur looking to monetize your own magazine? Join me as I reveal three key strategies to grow your business through publishing magazines.

One of my clients, a very successful 7-figure business owner, speaker, and consultant is now working on his eighth quarterly issue with me and is enjoying more visibility, increased leads on his website, and is even landing sponsors for his annual conference! But be prepared because the third strategy will blow your mind about how to navigate the sales process with ease.

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10 Best Online Tools for Self-Publishing Magazines

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Knowing which tools you need and which tools you probably don’t need is a big problem to solve when first getting started self-publishing magazines. There are many different types of tools for everything from graphic design to sales to content creation and marketing. The choices can be endless!

Let me save you some time! In this video, I am sharing my personal recommendations for the 10 Best Online Tools for Self-Publishing Magazines including:

  • a brand new Artificial Intelligence (AI) tool that can plan and create content ideas
  • what to use for graphic design if you’re not hiring a professional 
  • the website platform to use if being found in search engines is important to you
  • which software to use that comes with built-in educational tools and a booming community
  • the one platform that can run all aspects of your magazine business if you plan to sell tons of ads and/or have too many contributors to count 
  • which payment processor I recommend because they integrate nicely with most major platforms
  • and more!

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The Harsh Truth About Magazine Self-Publishing

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The magazine self-publishing industry is a highly competitive one, with many entrepreneurs and a limited number of successful businesses.

Many people are telling you how to design an eye-catching magazine, but why do they keep getting the business side of publishing wrong?

Do you want to succeed in the publishing world? Watch this video!

You will see: 

  • why your subscriber list doesn’t grow
  • what’s holding you back from charging what you’re worth
  • how to overcome internal naysayers and self-doubt
  • who to turn to for support instead of the Negative Nancy in your life

You will learn the harsh truth about what it REALLY takes to make it as an independent publisher who wants to leverage a magazine to get new clients OR simply make money selling advertising.

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Q&A Magazine Self-Publishing

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Self-publishing a digital and/or print magazine has many benefits, including creating recurring income like my client in California, who recently increased his monthly ad revenue from $31,000 to $42,000 per month after working with me for less than eight weeks. We gave his part-time salesperson the proper scripts and tools, and the results followed.

Or my other client in New Jersey is landing big opportunities for his speaking and coaching business that he “never would have landed without the magazine.”

The opportunity is there, but navigating all the steps in the publishing process can be daunting without the right support. 

People like Estephania featured below are why I continue to show up with helpful videos that can help you hit your goals.

This week’s video is a bit different from my typical format. I’m answering questions from the comments section of my channel personally and directly.

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