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Ideas For Predictable Monthly Recurring Revenue

Beyond the peace of mind it brings, PMRR is a game-changer when it comes to scaling a business. It’s the difference between trying to build a sandcastle with unpredictable waves crashing in and having a blueprint for a fortress. Investors love it, employees appreciate it, and you can make decisions with a bit more swagger knowing that you have a reliable income stream. So, whether you’re selling lemonade, services, or artisanal pet accessories, having Predictable Monthly Recurring Revenue is like having a secret weapon that turns the entrepreneurial rollercoaster into a scenic train ride.

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Setting Prices for Ad Space or Sponsorships as a Magazine Self Publisher

Get ready to dive into the nitty-gritty of making some bucks from your personal brand, media gig, or micro-influencer hustle. In this video, we’re talking about how to price your ad space and snag those sweet sponsorships. Whether you’re a solo act trying to cash in on your awesome personality, part of a media company figuring out the ad game, or a micro-influencer trying to navigate the wild world of sponsorships – we’ve got your back.

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3 Key Strategies to Monetizing a Self-Published Magazine

Are you a self-publishing entrepreneur looking to monetize your own magazine? Join me as I reveal three key strategies to grow your business through publishing magazines.

One of my clients, a very successful 7-figure business owner, speaker, and consultant is now working on his eighth quarterly issue with me and is enjoying more visibility, increased leads on his website, and is even landing sponsors for his annual conference! But be prepared because the third strategy will blow your mind about how to navigate the sales process with ease.

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Jen De Vore

35 Minutes of Advanced Productivity Advice for Entrepreneurs

In this video, I’ll take you on an eye-opening journey behind the scenes of my story that takes unexpected turns from working at NASA to becoming a keynote speaker and now a marketing productivity expert and author. You will witness the transformation as I unlock the secrets to achieving entrepreneurial success while avoiding burnout. But here’s the best part: I will reveal my six-step process that can revolutionize your marketing and your entire business.

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