New Built-In AI Video Coach in VidIQ – My Honest Review

Built-In Video AI Coach in VidIQ- YT Thumbnail

If you create YouTube videos for marketing purposes and want to improve your channel, but don’t want to spend a small fortune on video coaching, this new AI Tool from VidIQ may be just what you’re looking for.
VidIQ is the software I trust to optimize my own and my client’s videos for search. VidIQ just released a new feature for their subscribers which is an AI Video Coach.

Because I’ve had great success with VidIQ, I naturally wanted to try out the AI Coach and see for myself if it offers better advice than my video coaches who I pay big bucks.

In this video, I will demonstrate the results I got using the AI Video Coach to solve five of the biggest YouTube channel problems. I used the AI Video Coach to:

  • conduct a full channel audit to get recommendations for improvement
  • tell me demographic information about my viewers so I can understand them better
  • write a video script for a future video
  • give me ways to improve community engagement
  • write a sample community post
  • Watch the video to see the results!

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