ISSUU vs FlipSnack – Which Is Best Interactive PDF Creator?

ISSUU vs FlipSnak - Which Is Best

Interactive PDFs are like the Swiss Army knives of business documents. You can use them to jazz up your digital magazines, catalogs, reports, and sales pitches.

For digital magazines, throw in some videos, clickable links, and interactive graphics to keep your readers hooked and make advertiser and contributor showcases more fun.

Catalogs become shopping-friendly with interactive product images that take customers straight to the checkout.

Reports get a makeover with cool interactive charts and tables, helping you dive deep into data.

And for those sales presentations, you can add multimedia, navigation buttons, and interactive content to make them pop and impress potential clients. These interactive PDFs are your secret weapon to engage and inform your audience in style.

In this video, I am doing product comparisons of the two leading interactive PDF creators on the market: ISSUU and Flipsnack.

Watch and learn which interactive PDF creator is best for your business goals.

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