How to Turn Failure Into Fuel (Personal Story)

How to Turn Failure Into Fuel (Personal Story) copy

I have been holding back on you.

Here’s how I know.

One of my clients surprised me last week by mentioning that her perception of me was that I have never failed or quit. In that moment, a lightbulb came on, and I realized that I’ve been holding back on you.
See, the truth is that I have failed. I have quit. And I have experienced loss personally and professionally due to my choice to be a business owner. It’s only natural in entrepreneurship, and I am not immune.
As a coach, consultant, and content creator, I’m going to do things differently from now on. In addition to my regular “How to” video content, expert interviews, or product reviews, the team and I will be sprinkling in some behind-the-scenes, raw, and unfiltered stories and commentary about life as an entrepreneur.

I’ve been at this game since 2003 and have learned lessons that will benefit you no matter where you are on the journey. If you’re just starting out, my hope is that you will avoid the mistakes I made. If you’re a seasoned vet, my hope is that you will relate and not feel so alone.
With all that being said, this episode is my personal story of How to Turn Failure Into Fuel. It’s raw and real. After you’ve tuned in, please leave a comment on the video and let me know about one of your triumphs.

Our messes can become our messages if we’re not afraid to share them.

God bless!


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