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Jen DeVore Richter

Why Some Coaches Are More Valuable Than Others

By business coach

Why do some coaches struggle in business and why do some perform at the top of their industries?
It’s all about the value they provide, as perceived by clients, and what they deliver. This is especially important since coaching is an unregulated industry with a low barrier to entry. Anyone can put up a website, print up some business cards and BAM! they’re in business!

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Russell Brunson and Dan Kennedy

Magnetic Marketing Presents Jen DeVore Richter With “Brass Balls” Award 2024

By business coach

In case you missed it on my social media, Saturday was one of the Top 3 days of my life. My business mentors Dan Kennedy from Magnetic Marketing and Russell Brunson from ClickFunnels presented me with a “Brass Balls” Award at the 2024 SuperConference. This is in recognition of me making it into the Top 10 for Marketer of the Year. 

The direct response marketing campaign I submitted to them was my six-figure YouTube channel. Last year, my channel alone generated six-figures with less than 4,000 subscribers. This all happened because my channel ranks #1 in search for “magazine self publishing” and I have an automated sales webinar and a publishing guide linked from every video.  

I do not spend any money on advertising. I sell info products, magazine funnel templates and publishing services in that end of my business and all leads are generated from sales funnels. You can see what I’m up to at

Dan and Russell both stress the importance of autonomy in business and found my channel to be a great example of authority + sales funnels = freedom. 

To have both of my mentors present this award to me at the same time felt like I was being handed an Oscar from Jack Nicholson. I literally cried when I got back to my hotel room!

I’m working on a recap video on the Top 10 Marketing Strategies Learned at SuperConference, so stay tuned for that by ensuring you are subscribed on my YouTube channel.

Thank you for all of your support as well! We’re just getting started…

To your success!

Crafting Your High Ticket Offer – An Interview with Jason Economides, Funnel Jedi

By business coach, business growth

In this video, you will meet Jason Economides. Jason is the CEO of Funnel Jedi with over 30 years of expertise in sales and marketing is most well known in the ClickFunnels community and as being the sales coach on the Funnel Builder Certification Program. Known for his ability to transform businesses through high-ticket offers Jason’s guidance has made him an invaluable mentor to business coaches and funnel builders seeking to achieve success in the online and offline marketplace.

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Media Mogul Magazine

Media Mogul Magazine

By business growth, Content Creation, Content Marketing, content marketing stratgy

It’s not enough to be a Content Creator if you don’t have a plan for monetization. This is why I felt compelled to publish this brand-new magazine, Media Mogul.

In this issue of Media Mogul Magazine, the contributors and I provide you with current topics, breaking ideas, & practical strategies you will use to gain more influence, impact, and income.

You should subscribe to this free digital magazine if you are interested in:

  • Leveraging your own show into business opportunities
  • Publishing books or magazines to grow your authority
  • Creating social media content that reinforces your brand and builds an audience
  • Selling more of your products and services online
  • Becoming a better business owner and leader
  • Developing a personal brand

As the Editor-in-Chief, I hand-selected experts and topics that I know will make an immediate impact on your ability to reach your goals. 

In this issue, we focus on:

  • Cultivating a winning mindset – Lee Milteer
  • Crafting your offer stack – Jason Economides
  • Team and culture building – Kendra Prospero
  • The business of magazine publishing – Steve Weiss
  • Outsourced marketing tips – Jen DeVore Richter
  • Leadership skills – Dr. Emily Letran 
  • Personal branding – Heather R. Younger, J.D., CSP

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